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[WIP] Aerowalk

YOU MUST KEEP THE COLORS like this it looks so good Smile

It's gonna look even better with Maddin's texturing skills, more so if Matuka teams up with the creation of them. But I have faith in both of their individual texturing/texture making skills Wink

Exactly Big Grin, Matuka made the original aerowalk for Xonotic Tongue

Me and Halogene were playing this today, and we both died right next to mega health at the same time twice Tongue you should also remake Stormkeep without hagar and crylink

Just a small info: The latest development version is now available in the branch maddin/map-airwalk. Be aware though that this is not meant as an actual release you want to play games on but rather my version to try out all the visual stuff. I'll notify you when there is a version ready for release.

Right, so IRC died for me so I'll sum up things I had to say:

- No stair ramps pls. It opens up cool new tricks for sure, but it takes away from the flow of the map imo.
- Put the support structure next to vortex somewhere else*, it blocks a semi-important route unnecessarily.
- In general try to keep the walls and ceilings as flat as possible for player clipping. Aerowalk is traditionally a very fast map where you're moving and aiming simultaneously, it's going to suck if you get stuck in some random door frame edges somewhere.
- The windows behind the mortar will have to go, kind of distracting visually for the line of sight from mega health.
- *I can sense some kind of theme from the brush work and I'm already liking what I'm seeing, but please if you're making decorations - try to keep them out of player accessible routes as much as possible. Instead of making support structures that stick outwards, you could make something equivalent that sink inwards the walls like for example here:

[Image: wie1Yur.png]

If anyone wants the older versions, you can download it here.




Master Maddin! Where's the link to v4? Can't find it anywhere *wink wink* Wink

It is done when it is done...

I have to learn for my exams again so there is not much time until September for anything related to Xonotic development. I work on some small things here and there though which won't keep me busy the whole day.

You can track my activity here: If you want a playable version to download look here and search for Airwalk: You should always download the full version e.g. "airwalk-full-<verylongandrandomnumber>.pk3" to get all custom models and textures with that map. Be warned though! These versions are not meant to be played in a real match! There is lots of experimental stuff!

As soon as I have hammered out the visual details everywhere in the map there will be v4.

Hey Maddin!

Any progress on this map? :-)
[Image: 65153.png]

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