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[SUGGESTION] Pickup/deploy-able turrents

I'd like to suggest to have some pickup/deploy-able turrents.

The idea came from my playing experience in World of Padman, which has Bam-bams and Boomies. See the demo video from 1:00.
  • Bam-bam is pickup-able weapon; when it's deployed (dropped), it is activated and works just like our current turrets. It attacks only the enemies.
  • Boomies are land mines and explodes around enemies. However, enemy can make it explode afar by shooting it. (Unlike our Mine Layer, Boomies are not timed.)

Having those allows very interesting strategies. (Feels like Spy vs. Spy game play).

Perhaps a mutator option for such things?

What do you think?

PS: From the sandbox, movable item seems doable.

It would be cool for vehicle CTF or at least an asset for mods, but not for vanilla/xpm nope.

As far as the turret code goes, it should be pretty straightforward to move one, there's in fact some self-propelled units already. As far as gameplay go, what Smilecythe said (but then again this is up to the server admin/s and players). If implemented their aim code may need to be dumbed down a bit, as their prediction can be a bit annoying at times, and i imagine especially so if they can appear just about anywhere. Another thing to consider is they cannot currently acquire, track or assess targets through warp zones. Doing it is possible, but would likely mean a rather large increase in server CPU load.

Spawning turrets has even been done in the past, with my old tower defense mode:
[Image: 230.png]

Dynamically spawning them rather than moving does have some caveats that needs to be taken into account. If you spawn a turret (or anything with model/s for that matter) and said turret does not exist in the map mean it's precache code will be run late, and darkplaces really does not like that, resulting in invisible entities and other nastyness about half the time. The solution is ofc to invoke said precache code when at map start if this turret-gun is on it. You will also have the delayed spawn-activation thing turret use to deal with, however the delay is short enougth to be pretty much a non issue iirc. Another thing to consider is that spawning (and removing) rather than moving results is more uneven server load, possibly creating a less than optimal end user experience. (im sure you know all this already Mario, just putting it out there in case someone else decides to give it a go)

Thanks for the reply. The weapon side of the code is rather new to me so some pointers and clarification would be very helpful for me here.

tZork, my idea is slightly different from Mario's tower defense, in which items just appear from Mario's magic pocket. The turrents need to be there in the first place, then picked-up, and then deployed. So I assume the model is pre-cached. I'm thinking this is more like a super-weapon spawning. The super-weapons don't appear until, say, 5 minutes into the game.

Are there fundamental difference between, say, a mortar and a jetpack? I can drop a mortar for my teammate. It seems that I can't drop my jetpack.

disclaimer: i been outta the loop for some time, so some stuff may not be as i remember it.

Jetpack a powerup, mortar a weapon. Those are different systems and thus code behind em (can) vary a lot. I'm not really sure where you're going with this question so, please elaborate on what you want to know here.

As for picking up turrets; I assume then that your idea means you have some tool (weapon) that you point at an existing (yes they are already loaded in in this case) unit to "grab" it then when you use that tool again deposit this unit at or near where you're aiming? If so, do i need to find the "turret gun" first, or it that sth implicit?

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