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What I mean by "Menu" is commands that hidden to the options. You can use these commands in the console.

1. cl_particles_blood: Default is 1, if you set it to 0 it disables blood. This will save tons of fps for low video cards.

2. r_drawviewmodel: Same command like 1 and 0. Disables weapon model for more view, used by quake players.

3. r_sky: I recommend this because Xonotic has a very bright sky and if you're playing instagib you'll be under the map most of the time.

4: cl_announcer: Hate the announcer? Well you can turn it off by doing cl_announcer "name" if you put something invalid that doesn't exist like 123 it'll turn off. Default is called default.

5. g_tourney: Always wanted to host a tournament with Friends and Family? Warmups will be enabled and spectator chat will be disabled.

6. cl_gentle_gibs: 1, white smoke replaces gibs, 2 is colorful clouds, you should also use cl_gentle_damage if you're using gibs because IIRC if you're low on health you will see a flashing bloody screen, the number usage is the same as gibs.

7. cl_particles_rain: Rain in this game is an massive fps sucker, this can be also be used if you hate rain.

8. g_antilag: AntiLag (0 = no AntiLag, 1 = verified client side hit scan, 2 = server side hit scan in the past, 3 = unverified client side hit scan)

I wrote all of this on a tablet Big Grin

9. for further tutorials, you can press F11 whilst on a server and a helpful UI will be presented to you. This is extremely useful for high skill floor game modes like XDF.

10. If you use the 'demos' cmd whilst on a server, you will receive a neat little pop-up window of player demos from the server that you can download and watch. Great for learning how to play!

I wrote these on the toilet

It's sad how it's default f11 as a keybind and not an option on the menu lol.

The commands that the F10 and F11 keybinds actually run(I checked just to make sure)
`say "/me kicks Matuka"`
`say "..."`

11. "apropos example" is a console command similar to search, it'll list out every console command that has match to "example" either in their command line or description. As long as you have a general idea what you need, you can start off with simple words that describes what you're looking for. There's not always need to investigate the internet.

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