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Quick stats about default Xonotic movement

Here's some personal stats and tips to show whats at least possible with the standard Xonotic physics, they're human executed though which means some of the values are not the result of 100% perfect technique:
  • Default straightforward run speed is 360 qu/s.
  • By steering in ground, you can accelerate up to 548 qu/s before jumping.
  • Proceed by steering in air, it's possible to reach up to 640 qu/s with one jump.
  • It's possible to reach up to 714 qu/s with two jumps.
  • If you don't steer while jumping, the speed will be approximately 520 qu/s after 2 jumps. The difference in not utilizing the space in front of you is huge.
  • It takes so many jumps to reach 900 qu/s that I lost motivation to count.
  • Acceleration slows down gradually until it stops at 900 qu/s, after this steering will no longer give you more speed.
  • You can go beyond 900 qu/s by landing and jumping from a downhill or by boosting yourself with splash weapons.
I would love to expand these stats by covering things like jump distances and heights, so if somebody wants to make a quick map similar to THIS (various gaps that show how many units the length is), I could then give some kind of estimate of what kind of gap is possible to jump over with what kind of speed. Similarly, I could give stats on whats the height you can reach with blaster jumps. Mappers could use these for reference in the future.

I could also do the same with jump height via ramp jumps, however that depends on the shape and height of the ramp. Also what matters there as well is mostly your speed. So I don't think stats on ramp jumping will be reliable.

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