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So, i made that deal with that stick. That UMTS modem thingie thing with an internet flat subscription. i knew it wouldn't work out-of-the-box on Linux (long story, read somewhere else), so i'm abusing now the Macbook of my sister for internet sharing. What's really funny is i'm posting this from a Windows XP. >_<

(Disclaimer: i do sound like this these days, because the weather changed.)

Mhh, i use my mobilephone as UMTS modem. Works well, even both via USB cable and bluetooth. Maybe you just need to load some kernelmodule. i think some of the *acm* modules are needed in such a case.
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Yeah, well, no, (or yes), it's like this: The stick has a built-in card reader, so i need the usb_modeswitch, but it's masked (or umtsmon is masked) and i have a hard time with Portage. Anyway, long story short: it doesn't have a fancy, easy-to-use GUI for Linux like it does for Windows and Mac. And i like this solution. I will probably set up a media box just for this case. (and for enjoying multimedia, of course)

Well for my UMTS phone i just use the NetworkManager to dial.. that enough of a gui to me. But yeah, such things can be annoying Smile
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Ah, yes, my cell phone is a way old Samsung E330: no infrared, no bluetooth, no nuttin' and din't even come with anything to synchronize with the computer. i had to buy cables myself and then i had to download unofficial tweaked software, because the official software didn't work.... it was a nightmare. Oh, and the cable is incompatible with any laptop.
Just for your knowledge: i use my phone for making and receiving calls.

Sakis3G: way cool.

(needless to say i'm posting this from Linux)

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