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Rush - A Xonotic Fragmovie


been sitting on the idea of making a movie myself for a while, and I finally got around to doing it after the cup last weekend, using the demo's of that cup as material for the movie.

Overall it's nothing special, some cool frags here and there, and some fillers. I mainly wanted to try out making a small movie containing frags, and I REALLY liked it. I enjoyed doing it.

Prior to this idea, I already did something small but it was extremely noobish. Luckily the Xonotic God called upon ZeRoQL who gave me some cool tips for video quality and overall looks. Thanks alot mate!

(Sadly, as always, YouTube actually decreased the quality, which pisses me off QUITE alot, but oh well.)

Give me your thoughts on what you think about it, what I could do better, and if you liked it you can like and subscribe tooBig Grin hf!

(Releasing this on my birthday feels a bit extra special though haha)

The download link for the file, if you want it in full HD quality, is here - it's only 1.5 GB of .mp4, so don't hesitate to download it if you want toSmile
[Image: 9214.png]

Happy birthday Islinn!
Nice video & cool frags, especially this killing spree on Bloodrun.

Btw, you could name this video "1001 ways to kill thearcoN" Big Grin

Thank you Spike! Smile

Haha I mainly just came up with rush because people mainly know me because of that playstyle. Also, of the 16 matches, I think I played 9 against thearcoN, so it figures haha.
[Image: 9214.png]

(01-25-2017, 10:43 AM)SpiKe! Wrote: Btw, you could name this video "1001 ways to kill thearcoN" Big Grin
Nah, I think that would make SPLAT jealous for not being the main focus of the carnage.

also If i was making a frag video of myself i should call it 1001 way to kill thimoe Big GrinDD
metsu ZeRoQL (Stats) - <@nifrek> true, I guess in tdm you also dont always have your perfect choice of weapon, especially when ZeRoQL is controlling nex Dodgy
KILLING X ZONE - Xonotic community movie


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