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the 0.8.2 Release, positive and negative

There's lots of work behind the scenes by people looking into it, and I've seen code that improves the CPU usage bots have, which reduces the lag. Not sure it's ready for any sort of release though. Might be a lot more improvement to be had.

There's also some work going on in parallel about client side issues that, while it doesn't affect network traffic, do affect player experience. It's quite possible that after both are a bit more stable, there might be another release.

Note: I'm not a dev, so I can't speak for the dev's here. I am however poking around on the edges and see what they're doing. Wink
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I have not found one v0.82 Server where map Xoylent is running smooth with bots. So my question to the devs is: will this be fixed? And i'm not talkin about a fix like: ok we will delete Xoylent from the map pack. This would be a really unprofessional solution, because other maps are running similar bad with v0.82.

The problem is that bots are written in QuakeC and QuakeC is incredibly slow and outdated. The solution is to rewrite the bots into something faster like C++. I do have plans for it but it will take time, maybe even years.

Would threads for darkplaces help the issue?

I run a 0.8.2 server with bots. As far as I can tell, for cases of client packet loss, it was from other network ongoings.

Well, QuakeC VM which contains Xonotic code is single threaded and it will be hard to make it multithreaded.

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