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Any Audio FX Needed?

Hey Folks,

As always I'm happy to contribute where I can, are there any need for audio FX? I've got an extensive library of audio along with experience in foly work so I can make all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds.
Any requests, pop them here and I'll be happy to sort them out Smile

 - Lea  monkey

That's a great offer!

I don't know if this fits your interest, but what comes to mind are the menu sounds. Currently, they are silent placeholders, or the old-old-school sounds from a decade ago. A modern sci-fi theme would be pretty awesome.

Note however that new menu sounds will likely be met with some resistance. See this thread, where unfa posted a few concepts. The challenge is to make them interesting without being perceived annoying.

These are the files in question, if you would like to give it a try:

SOUND                        PLAYED WHEN
data/sound/menu/open.wav     opening dialog
data/sound/menu/close.wav    closing dialog
data/sound/menu/focus.wav    moving focus to new item (should be very subtle)
data/sound/menu/execute.wav  pressing button, enter key, or double click
data/sound/menu/select.wav   using checkbox, radiobutton, or similar
data/sound/menu/slide.wav    using slider or colorpicker
data/sound/menu/clear.wav    clearing inputbox or keybind
data/sound/menu/winner.wav   winning single player campaign

They can be activated in Settings > Audio > Menu sounds

How about the chat sounds? They are a bit jarring, unlike say text message sounds on a cellphone.


forgive me, folks. I can't find the original files in my xonotic download. If it helps I'm running Mac!

Could you link me to where these files are stored in the online project?


Lea Smile

TheAudioMonkey, the original files are inside of one of the "pk3" files inside of "Xonotic/data", specifically the "xonotic-*-data.pk3" file.  pk3 files are just renamed zips.  None of this is really important though, because DarkPlace's virtual filesystem allows you to override these from your userdata directory, "~/Library/Application Support/xonotic/data".

By placing your files in that directory, the will override the ones in the pk3.  for example:  "~/Library/Application Support/xonotic/data/sound/misc/talk.wav".

You also asked for these sounds in the online project, here you go:

Good luck, have fun!

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