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Robust keys config for Jeff vehicles server

Is there a way to have robust key configuration for the aforementioned server? By robust I mean

1. Dropping weapons should still drop weapons and not grenades after I pick up grappling hook. (Using backspace binded to dropweapon.)
2. Some command to drop grenades always (currently using +hook, but this obviously changes to the hook once it is picked up).
3. Some command which will use hook or do nothing.

I second this - we need a separate grenade bind (that allows people to choose between holding or pressing twice). People in overkill try to throw nades with hook because they try to use hook instinctively and never even discover the dropweapon bind. They obviously suck at it because you can't hold a key for 3 seconds in overkill.

ZyX there is most likely no way right now.
[Image: 30381.png]

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