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[SUGGESTION] Updating damage indicator on damage instead of creating another indicator

I installed Xonotic 0.8.2 after a long break and I see many cool new features.
Damage indicator is one of them.
But I was wondering - when you use fast firing weapon like mg, having screen spammed with number for each bullet hit is not very clear in hectic combat. How about instead only showing one number and updating it with extra damage done before number would disappear?
So for instance you use mg now, and hit some bullets. You have screen spammed with 10s.
Instead I would like to see 10 on first hit, then if you hit second bullet before number 10 disappears, update it 10 to 20, then to 30 and so on...
I think it would be more readable.

The way it works by default is very much intended, as you may see that it's confusing having numbers randomly change.

That said, you're more than welcome to use accumulation locally: cl_damagetext_accumulate_range 200
[Image: 230.png]

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