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[BUG] Permission Denied line 131 Ubuntu 14

I want to run Xonotic on ubuntu 14
I already set the execution permission for the file
but  i always getting this error
ilyasofficial@ilyasofficial-Lenovo-G475:/media/ilyasofficial/982A5A112A59ED2E/Xonotic$ bash line 131: /media/ilyasofficial/982A5A112A59ED2E/Xonotic/xonotic-linux64-glx: Permission denied line 131: exec: /media/ilyasofficial/982A5A112A59ED2E/Xonotic/xonotic-linux64-glx: cannot execute: Permission denied

and on line 131 i found this:
exec "$@"

Need help please !!

Is the execution bit set for the binary "xonotic-linux64-glx"? Is your user the owner of these files?

It seems that you put Xonotic on an external drive, so I suspect that this drive is formatted with NTFS to keep compatibility with Windows. AFAIK NTFS and FAT filesystems don't have permission management built-in, so that might be causing issues. Can you try to move that folder to a linux-friendly filesystem?

Moving the extracted folder back won't restore permissions, if it's indeed an NTFS/FAT32 partition, you need to extract the zip file again, this time to something like ext4 or similar that keeps linux file permissions.
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