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Requesting Moar Media!

I've managed to catch a severe cold that has confined my life to my bed. Thank god for laptops.

The problem is, as I've been here for a while (and will stay here for some time aswell) I've run out of media.

So far I've...

...watched every House, Eureka & V Episode, The Entire Star Wars Saga, Lord of the Rings (all of them), the last 4 Simpsons Seasons and around 20 Episodes of The Daily Show/The Colbert Report.

...listened to "V:The New Mythology Suite" by Symphony X 27 times.

... read 7400 pages (pocket-size) Fantasy and SciFi.

Now I need YOUR help to survive my boredom!

Which TV Shows do you watch, what music do you listen to and is there any movie you'd recommend?
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mhh im totally consumed by the series dexter. dark, scary but so damn cool
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So far i've seen every episode, removed scenes and movies of Futurama, Tripping The Rift, still have some Family Guy episodes to go, One Piece, if You're desperate.

Music i dunno.... i still listen to Billy Idol, David Bowie and the like. Apart from that You could maybe try....
Interactive - Who Is Elvis
Simplistic - Theme From Terminator II
Church Of E.T.C. - Church Of Ecstasy
Physical Motion - Dance The Ripper (Narration Mix)
V69 - Das Boot (radio version)

on the other hand, maybe You don't like techno so much....

apart from music, You could try to find yourself some Lobo comics.

A tv series called "Community". I don't think it's finished the first season yet, but you can find some torrents on some torrent trackers.

Also, if you like reading, go to the gutenberg project website and read. I like Vanity Fair, Dumas, and Dostoyevsky. - Great writer, particularly Crime and Punishment.

Check out Brotherhood (Showtime Series). It's on Netflix Instant streaming if you've got that.

From Wikipedia:
The series is set in Providence, Rhode Island, where it also was produced, and revolves around the Irish-American Caffee brothers: Tommy (Jason Clarke) is a local politician, and Michael (Jason Isaacs) is a professional criminal involved with New England's Irish Mob. The show also features their mother Rose (Fionnula Flanagan), cousin Colin Carr (Brían F. O'Byrne), childhood friend and Rhode Island state detective Declan Giggs (Ethan Embry), Irish mob boss Freddie Cork (Kevin Chapman), Tommy's wife Eileen (Annabeth Gish), and Michael's criminal partner Pete McGonagle (Stivi Paskoski).
Latest obsession.

the big bang theory. greatest show ever
Master of mysterious geometries

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Blackadder and QI are some good British comedies. I'd also recommend The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, either on audiobook, radio series, or television series.
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Movie suggestions: Hero, Forrest Gump (in case you missed it), The fountain, The Shawshank Redemption , A beautiful mind, Fighter in the wind, The prestige, Tropic thunder.

Music suggestions: Diablo swing orchestra, Yanni Hrisomalis, Tracy chapman, Ennio Morricone, Les yeux noirs, Enigma, Loreena Mckenitt.

Also, if you like stand-up, try Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Katt Williams, Frank Caliendo, Dane Cook.

Later edit: don't miss the movie: The Good, the bad and the ugly.

(03-23-2010, 06:03 PM)Roanoke Wrote: A tv series called "Community". I don't think it's finished the first season yet, but you can find some torrents on some torrent trackers. has the whole season so far. Community, Chuck (Best show ever, thank you very much), Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, obviously The Office, although lately it's been kind of meh, maybe watch an old season.

Also, if you want to watch some crime shows: The Mentalist, Castle, Law and Order (any of them, but I don't like Criminal Intent as much for some reason Tongue).

Action/Suspense: 24 (ok, not that much suspense, especially if you watch them one right after the other or dislike redundant story lines)

I don't think I watch much else. If you happen to see any show from the 70s or 80s (especially sci-fi shows) watch it. They're always good for a laugh (even if they weren't intended as funny. Sometimes they're just so pathetically bad that it's funny. Tongue)

Yeah I'm out of ideas after that.

Talking about books, if you ever learn german i recommend anything from Andreas Brandhorst, who is most famous for his translations of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

For a good magazine Wired is worth the 10$ a year they charge its always an interesting read. The Office season 3 disc one is the go-to disc for me of that series "The Coup" is the best episode imo but "Gay Witch Hunt" is also pretty damn good. as for movies these may have slipped past you "Rocknrolla" a Guy Ritchie film and "Mr. Brooks" are interesting "In Bruges" "Paris, Je T'aime" and "Death at a Funeral (2007)" pretty funny its a british comedy. If you like Zach Galifinakis from The Hang Over check out "The Comedians Of Comedy" DVD with Brain Poshen and Patton Oswalt its on iTunes. As for music if your into rap check out Raekwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt 2" great production and good lyrics another is Black Milk "Tronic" has a unique theme to the album either like it or you don't. Hope I suggested something you like.
<[-z-]> have you seen the documentary "happy"?
<Samual_> no
<Samual_> it sounds horrible

Books +1, if your head won't be dizzy (because of that, I hate to read when I'm ill).
I can recommend Cowboy bebop or Trigun, if you're a bit into anime. Very good series!
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Thanks for all the suggestions so far! Keep them coming!

Quote:if you ever learn german

I am fully fluent in german Wink
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Better yet, read English discworld Tongue

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