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2v2 TDM Cup | RJZ Cups

Hello Xonoticans!

as promised, we are going to have a 2v2 TDM Cup. Any skill level is welcome.
We expect this cup take max 3 hours. Commentary by ccCam as usual.

Newcomers might grab this config:

Register your profile on RJZ (optional):
you do not have to register on toornament, just let me know team name, player 1, player 2.

For those refusing using Discord you can use IRC #xonotic.cup channel

Feb 3 (Sunday), 7PM CET

5:00 - 6:30PM

!cointoss (in game)

Bo1: drop drop-drop-drop [WB, LB]
Bo5: pick-pick-pick-pick [Grand Finals - GF 1.1]

Tuhma, Final Rage, Opium, Silent Siege, Stormkeep

[CUP] 2v2 TDM - PAC [01] (GER) -
[CUP] 2v2 TDM - PAC [02] (GER) -
[CUP] 2v2 TDM - FPS [01] (GER) -
[CUP] 2v2 TDM - FPS [02] (GER -
[CUP] 2v2 TDM - WTWRP [01] (GER) -
[CUP] 2v2 TDM - WTWRP [02] (GER) -

2v2 TDM (XPM)
Timelimit: 15
Fraglimit: 0

you can report match results by yourself - usually loser does it
or ping an admin to do it for you.

Ch4mp, @STAFF (Discord)
If you need to explain something, do so prior the start of the tourney.

Our tournaments are highly community driven, no strict rules needed..
just keep in mind:

1. if you can't continue participating in a tournament, report that to an admin
2. no cheating (software, aimbot etc..) or watching streams
(your current game) while playing
3. be present on Discord, IRC so we can be in contact with you
4. please don't abuse, disturb your opponent and be nice
5. always follow admins' instructions so we can deliver the best tournament experience
Just keep dying until you stop dying!

Looking for someone to carry my butt in this one.

I'm looking for a teammate too. Preferably with doing some practice sessions before the cup.

Just signed myself and a friend up, good luck and have fun!
[Image: 69799.png]
Linux / New England

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