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Sound Sample GPL?

How would one go about applying the GPL to a sound sample? Also how is it used with music?

It's just a matter of stating the fact, I think.
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The sound sample shall be provided in the "preferred form for editing".

In other words: keep nothing "secret" to yourself, share all files you would keep to yourself to allow further edits.

An astonishingly simple rule, yet so difficult for many people.
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Okay. The song I released earlier contained some CC licensed samples(drums). I need to see if the authors of those are willing to license as GPL, or recreate the sounds with GPL samples. Now I know what to tell the authors. Thanks.

Quote:It's just a matter of stating the fact, I think.

Code pushed directly to the repository is covered under the repository access "agreement" here. When it is material that isn't directly committed to the repository, though, I'm not sure what we're doing to track the license on it. When in doubt, one can always include the copyright notice and statement found here with the file in a tar or zip. It is super easy - you really only have to change two lines or so, after which you are rock solid in terms of the license on the material.
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