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XQC #91 (CTS)

We would like to present you the first ever CTS (Complete the Stage) cup!

So how will it work?
  • No sign up required, you will automatically join the cup by setting a time on one of the maps - everyone is invited to join the party!
  • We have selected 5 maps to be played on a single evening (see date below)
  • The 5 maps won't be announced beforehand, they are all strafe maps and anyone should be able to finish them
  • The timelimit for each map varies between 15 and 25 minutes,
  • No votes to alter the timelimit are allowed (e.g. restart; endmatch; extend-/reducematchtime; timelimit)
  • After each map we will have a 5 minute break
  • The cup will take about 2 hours
  • You can join or leave the cup at any time you want to (missing a map is not a problem for us, only for your score  Wink )
  • A special server (Click me) will be provided where you have to set your times on (server chat will be piped to #xdwc on QuakeNet)
  • We're going to use the same scoring system like we did for XDWC2018 (EESystem)
  • The results/scores will be updated live on this website
  • By joining the tournament you agree that we store your username and your results in our databases
  • Players who have disabled stats tracking are not eligible for the rankings
  • Admins: Mirio; Morosophos

DATE: Friday, 19th April 2019 20:00 CEST [UTC+2] (9:00 PM MSK; 2:00 PM EDT; 4:00 AM AEST) //

- Webpage:
- IRC: QuakeNet, #xdwc
- Discord:

tl;dr: Join the cup server on given date. Set your time for each map. We will take care of your results. Have a good time.


What is Defrag?
In Xonotic it is played in the CTS (Complete the Stage) mode using the XDF physics set. The goal is to complete a map as fast as possible.

How does XDWC work? (detailed rules further down below)
- Every player can join it at any time!
- 5 unique and unreleased maps will be played
- Your time and ranking will be converted into a score for each map
- Player with the highest score after all maps will be crowned as the Winner

How do I get better?
There are two tutorial streams available as VODs:

Don't be afraid to even ask other players directly! Usually, they can tell you where you can improve or what you're doing wrong.
Records from "Xonotic DeFrag - Join/Run now! - balance changes [XDF]" server can be found here:

Reminder! Cup is happening upcoming Friday!

The server will be online with a warmup map beforehand on Friday and can be found under:

XQC #91 | CTS/XDF Quick Cup

ggs, congrats to Donald the champion
[Image: KbN4v0Y.png]

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