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WebAssembly Build

Has anyone considered porting Xonotic to WebAssembly? Judging by the success of projects like D3wasm it seems like it could be a worthwhile endeavor and could probably help the game reach a wider audience. I would be interested in contributing if someone is interested in working on this.

I am working on something different but related - porting our gamecode to rust so it can be compiled to WASM and run on a different (technically better) engine. Here's the tracking issue:

If you think you're able help porting Xonotic (the engine itself) to WASM, you should probably be able to help add WASM support to daemon (part 2 of the issue). I don't have time to work on it now (busy with part 1) and other devs are busy with other things so we're looking for people to help us.
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