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XQC #92. League-based vanilla DM

Greetings, my beloved xonoticians!

The XQC #90 was quite well accepted by the community, so I decided to try to roll another similar tournament, this time for 4x vanilla DM (4 players in one game).
Quick facts:
- 1v1v1v1 DM
- XPM ruleset (you can't pick up 25 and 50 health or armor if you already have 100 or more of the corresponding resource).
- Servers: TBD
- Timelimit: 8
- Fraglimit: 0
- Modus: Multi-round, multi-league (see below for full description)
- Mappool: stormkeep, trident + fuse, evilspace, bloodrun, opium, ruinerx, graphite, dismemberment, fe26 (see below)
- Date/time: Friday, September 20th 2019 20:00 CEST [UTC+2] //
- Admins: morosophos, Mirio
- Skill level: any


Check-in starts at 19:00 CEST at the #xonotic.cup channel on quakenet. Please notify about your participation by saying something like "I want to check in". Also if you have any preferences to be assigned to a higher (to be more competitive) or a lower (just to play some relaxed games) league, you can tell about that too. Admins will try to fulfill your request, but no guarantee that they will be able to.

After the check-in all players are sorted by the strength and assigned into leagues, each league consisting of 4 players. Players #1 to #4 form the 1st league, players #5 to #8 the 2nd league, and so on.

Then we play 8 rounds, where each round is the following:

 1. each league plays bo1 game (timelimit 8, fraglimit 0) (*) on a random map, which hasn't yet been played. Every league plays the same map during each round, there will be a separate server for each league.
 2. the best player of each league except the highest one is promoted to the upper league.
 3. the worst player of each league except the lowest one is demoted to the lower league.
 4. #2 and #3 players stay in the league they played.
 5. Round tiebreaking order: number of frags (kills-suicides), number of deaths, number of kills, damage difference, damage dealt, the time needed to reach the number of frags (less time better), random.

This format will ensure that noobs don't get stomped by hardcore veterans, veterans get their fun for playing against similarly skilled opponents, and players from the lower leagues still get their chance to fight their way to the very top. Smile

For each round every player gets his score, which is calculated as follows:

score = frags * 1.15^(log(1.5 * number_of_leagues) / log(1.15) * (number_of_leagues - league_number) / (number_of_leagues - 1))

This formula ensures that guys in the higher leagues get more score for their frags and the more you stay in higher leagues, the more chances you get to win the tournament.

Total player score for the tournament is the sum of the scores the player earned during each round.

(*) - i.e. each game lasts 8 minutes and you can score as many frags as you can. It's different from the current FFA settings when the game ends when one player scores 30 frags.


XPM balance: shootfromeye, you can't pick up 25 and 50 health/armor if you have more that 100 of the corresponding resource. No spawnshield.

Players are allowed to customize client-side cvars per their liking. r_sky, gl_picmip, crosshair, etc - no restrictions.

Map pool:

First we play 2 warmup rounds which affect league placement, but don't affect final score. Then we play main map pool in random order

Warmup maps: stormkeep, trident
Main maps: fuse, evilspace, bloodrun, opium, ruinerx, graphite, dismemberment, fe26

There will be 5 minute break after warmup rounds and 15 minute break after 4th map of the main pool.

I will set up one or few practice servers with balance settings and map pool to practice.


There will be a website with current league distribution, current map, and current score. Before each game players should check the website, find their league and join the server for their league. Improper games (when players joined a wrong league or played a wrong map) don't count and have to be re-done. Note, that servers will have warmup enabled, don't forget to press f4 to start the game (or vcall allready).

After the round ends, players should re-visit the website, wait till the round results appear there, check the new map for the next round and check if they are relegated or promoted. In the latter case, they should join the server of their new league. The website address will be announced during check-in.

The final scores will be published on the website and forums.

Demos will be recorded on the server per each client.

Rage quits/connection problems:

If a player disconnected from an active game he may ask other players of the league to restart the round. Other players decide to agree or not agree for the restart by voting. (please use timeout for discussing). Note, that repeated offenders (3 disconnects or more) will be disqualified.

IRC: #clanexe or #xonotic.cup at quakenet. Discord:

I'll try to participate


Why not )
[Image: 8848.png]

STARTS in about 5 hours!!

[Image: Screenshot_2019-09-20_XQC_92_Deathmatch_Cup.png]

ggs wp, thanks morosophos and Mirio for organizing.

Demos. Note, that unfortunately first round of 5th league and all subsequent rounds of 4th league weren't recorded because were played outside the tournament servers.

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