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[SUGGESTION] Script for setting Linux dedicated server

Attempt for Share:  Wrote a Bash Linux Script to installing and setting up a Xonotic Dedicated Server.
Right from the burning notice - Your Browser finished indicating" Download Complete " "  as the download .

along with my zip pkg - unzip - XonDedLinux,zip - and run   ./makeDedicated082.ash   "bash Script"   will

Unzip  to specific Base location
configure Dedicated Server options
Load desktop Launchers
Allow reconfigure of Server options
allow a backup and restore feature.
Cleans the kitchen sink  (almost).
A something of only an attempt to making this part "Real Easy" for those experienced and less experienced on Linux
have to try at least - its a joy thing rediscovering this Game and its evolution Very very nice.  Well done ALL.  all hopes this is a something worthy tool
it may not be a full liking by real experienced users - its a keyboard hack attempt.  If anyone wish to take this and make it evolve more - all the better
for keeping the idea alive.   So here is my attempt at a share and something.  I take no responsibility if its design is altered and used for malice - I do not write anything with this in thought ever.  I'm an old admin chap with some skill to use towards helping those help themselves to see how easy it really can be.  with patience and time - anything can be done.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 125.16 KB / Downloads: 3)

(10-01-2019, 06:04 PM)Lyberta Wrote: I don't like losing all my desktop shortcuts when removing Xonotic >_<

Anyway, most of the directories are specified via environment variables.

I don't like some random dirs being created though.

  all fixed open script find a change and know bash scripting - easy to modify to your own characateristics - I use lots of Functions - I seem to like that form of script writing so all hopes easy to understand - if you may not like my initial formats of the how to Get the Game Installed and setup for server run placement add startup placements and user Environment bash variables to running a server. This will do all that and almost help with the honeyDue List so you/we can all get fragging and laughin" do pls close the door" and well this does it. So whistle a try at it and see what works from the Download file this pkg and running from your downloads directory check it out. Then popSum Trick hints or suggestions. Cheers.

My 1st post has been edited and contains my newer update .zip file!     - fixed icon delete off desktop - easy 4 char insert.  
Added a new Feature "Selectable"  for Game Start.     Sever.cfg has set  "dm" - DeathMatch as the default - on setting now you may select a choice of Game Type to start your server - along with ability to Select various Game Types for Voting on if so wish to try.  Re running the ConfigS  item #2 in my selector will allow you to Reconfigure the server by the standard select settings .  and yes some progress cleanup screens blah blah.  All hopes it provides some marvel. ?
to a project part - I think I covered the harder parts to Reading and figuring out the Server function for the game - This makes it easy as well 1, 2, 6 done  Other features are the bonus.  so all hopes the Download is updated and is correct going forward. 
Caveat:  This is a Linux Bash Script. its Wide open - sure many might balk at my work - I do some things tad different - help yourself make what ever changes - sugg make a copy 1st bfr  Crucial edit .   Cheers.   
one other that might wiggle concern is the BOT_Suffix - that I add in normally my own as something like _dirty-Harkonnans_ or _dirty-lill-shytes_ something to that anatomy.
PS: also retired and reliving this from my past again -thought nexuiz was cool till I learned Read up of the noWordsExpres_conduct- This slice of LoveJoy is far better and is best to keeping it under control of the direct operator like it use to be: And is Care in this Site nicely developed and great to find this.    For Steam - Keep steam for its own games they have plenty.  This project is way way cool. nice works "ALL" .   next want to get into the compiling and mapping features.   (my 2cents)

Bullet-proofing can be a daunting thing.  All is well now.  Hit horizontal and reviewed the day - something bugged me with am rise to figure out the what another miss.
all fixed - replaced the Zip.  see now what may be a good Linux Tool to establish a Dedicated Personal Server.
Wow no digits past catch-22 other than smoking barrels.
Corrected a few things Dang believe I caught them all now.  Game Type to start added - corrected silly miss of the variable in "a sed statement" 
Re-enabled Zip test at the start proof integrity. 
added few sleep 1's to pace unzipping - some machines slower/faster all hopes this paces correctly.
Oct8  version 1.5.

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