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[SOLVED] Crylink primary linkexplode

One of crylink's defining features was that all projectiles explode as soon as one touches an enemy (=linkexplode). At some point this got disabled and its damage was changed, this is an attempt to restore linkexplode. Note that the WTWRP servers in EU have always been using linkexplode no matter the official default so if you play there this is no change for you.

Full timeline of changes:
2016-12-31 6ad814437131a61319de9098e07e1a7cb58b4a06 (on Mirio/balance, by Mario, merged into master a couple hours later) linkexplode disabled
2016-04-30 206a6183e94e41e41a8c5db4a0d43469763df4c3 (on Mirio/balance) damage 11->10
2016-02-07 bac64fabd29370fda09e3a4dd6b043a8bb6ffc0d (on Mirio/balance) damage 10->11
2016-02-03 7b2356deb93bff61ff1acf35f55a791517f6b467 (on Mario/balance_v2, merged into master 2016-02-21) linkexplode disabled
2015-12-28 8b4c7b7a86255bc0cff6ae5a74cf2931701b6fe7 (fist commit on Mirio/balance) damage 12->10
2012-02-17 55632e2d4a8f819a11b6151e63b8a19973a77ee5 (by Samual, merged to master 2 days later) damage 10->12

So it appears there were two branches (partially in parallel) suggesting nerfing crylink (Mario's by disabling linkexplode, Mirio's by reducing damage) and they somehow got both merged. I am not sure this was intentional. I didn't follow the discussions about the changes but it appears at least some people were against to the point of running modified configs on servers.

I'd like to officially reenable linkexplode in master as this is what's being used on EU servers and crylink it still not particularly popular - there is no point making it even weaker. According to bones_was_here, this was also tested on Australian servers recently and players like it.

Feedback welcome.

(Note this is not about the crylink secondary changes which are also in testing balance.)
[Image: 30381.jpg]

<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
<[BOT]Hоtdоg> will pay monies for shooting him

Can we also undo the damage nerf? Smile
[Image: 62796.png]

Interesting point. Would also be good to know what the purpose of the crylink is. I'd assume a weapon thats stronger in combining with others whereas in fighting situations there are more powerful alternatives like hagar, grenade launcher while the main difference then is that they use rockets which could be neglected in most situations.
A little buff would certainly not hurt but on the other you should not forget that a crylink hit increases the chance of hitting with a nex (as worst case) afterwards because it lets you more easily predict where your opponent will be. That can be a great advantage of it which is hard to measure in numbers against raw dps. Or as weapon to drag others into the abyss killing them instantly. And then it's bouncing giving you the ability to shoot around corners.

Would be good to know what Mirios intention was with that changes because it seems he was testing something. (obviously the dps but some insight would ba good on why and why not specific changes were made)

Also making it stronger with the ability to drag your opponent into position could make the crylink a standalone killing machine when you just spam it locking your opponent while dealing enough damage to kill. This could be frustrating weapon.
When trying to counter you'd end up in a situation where you cant really move being locked while losing health. Then try to aim as it constantly drags you around.

(12-09-2019, 02:14 PM)_para Wrote: Would be good to know what Mirios intention was with that changes because it seems he was testing something. (obviously the dps but some insight would ba good on why and why not specific changes were made)

The gun was too strong in some hands.

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