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ubuntu live cd+intel motherboard+western digital hardrive = hard not detected help

ok so i used a ubuntu live cd on my dell desktop and it has a intel motherboard and a western digital hard drive in it, so one day my version of linux had a grub error and so i put in a ubuntu live cd, well it failed to be live at all in fact it showed a dead ubuntu logo, and so after i took out the cd and restarted my computer, my coputer could not find my hard drive even after i reinstalled linux,

i really don't know how to fix this so if anyone else knows how to fix this please tell me,

(also i just found the video card for it so i came here because i wanted to test xonotic on the computer)

I know it probably isn't the issue, but if you have a dodgy SATA/IDE cable going into your harddrive, it might be the issue. Just wiggle around the power and data cables and make sure they fit Wink

Also, if you just had a GRUB error out of the blue, there may be something wrong with the disk itself, but that's just speculation. Also, try reinstalling GRUB, as that may be the issue.
[Image: vN3NkMA]
(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

well if i recall right i had done a file system check and after the check and fixs i had a grub error,

and also i put in a windows 98 hard drive and it started just fine

and also i already reinstalled linux, and the hard drive still works because the hard drive works on my old emachine

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