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[NEED HELP] Xonotic on RaspPI - Setting up fonts

Hello, I'm trying to test gameplay on a Raspberry PI Model 4 B (4Gb RAM). I load the game throught darkplaces -xonotic.
I had some trouble with the fonts as they look like unreadable blocks, which does not happen on the other platforms. Searching at the forum I found out a workaround using the loadfont command at the console:
loadfont user0 gfx/vera-sans 12

loadfont user1 gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont user2 gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont user3 gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont console gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont sbar gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont notify gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont chat gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont centerprint gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont infobar gfx/vera-sans 12
loadfont menu gfx/vera-sans 12

But as much as I searched, couldn't figure out how to set it up in a .cfg file instead of the default. Tried setting the menu_font_cfg and menu_forced_saved_cvars, but no luck, it comes back to default font-xolonium.cfg.
If I get another font and make a pk3 pack, can anyone enlighten me about where to put it and where to set it up (.cfg)?
Also, I still don't know why does this issue happens at this port. The only posible clue, if it has something to do with this, is this message error at console, but can't be sure:
ERROR: Texture compression is required but not supported.
Expect visual problems.

Thank you very much!

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