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[DUEL/DM/CA] Limbo

A rather small and simple map in which you can fall infinitely. Moving around is quite fun.
Has fog to cover up the warpzone glitches, prevent camping and help fps.

It has 3 jetpacks, minelayer, hlac and seeker on top of the standard stuff. But only small health and armor pickups.

Should make for some fun duels. If not please report back. I'd always like to hear your feedback.

Download Limbo

[Image: KcaeGIN.jpg]

[Image: SCsJmi5.jpg]

[Image: 5Lw8wFr.jpg]

This is a wonderful map with very fun dynamics! I love it!

It reminds me of martial artists fighting/practicing on arrays of poles.

Perhaps some jump pads or teleports to allow some surprises in game play, as opposed to the always-down pattern?

Thanks for the feedback! Big Grin
Hmm interesting idea. Haven't thought of them but added 3 Jetpacks which i made respawn every 30sec.

The Idea for the layout is a simplified version of a concept I made over 10 years ago which was inspired by an arena from an anime called 'angelic layer'.
I even kept it because I still kinda want to do it. Could be laser-sumo-ctf. (Note the nexuiz in the top left xD)
[Image: tDJFsjO.jpg]

This is a beautiful conceptual drawing, and its reincarnation is very well executed!

The jump on the middle left looks super cool. Feels like a difficult Defrag technique.

I love the frequent access to jetpacks -- they certainly introduce elements of surprise. The reason I mentioned jump pads is when you fall and speed up, only a jump pad and a teleport can alter that speed/direction significantly. jetpacks are a bit too weak at the speed of 2000.

Anyway, even if you don't change it, it's a fun map. Thank you!

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