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Community tournament movie

Greetings fellow Xonoticians,

As many of the competitive players know, there recently have been 4 tournaments provided and organized by the ZenSports team. I myself got a lot of awesome frags out of it and I was planning on creating a duel cup movie for it. Then I thought: Maybe some of you out there who participated in the ZenSports duel cups (or any other tournament for that matter) may have some great quality frags that you'd like to get featured in a community frag movie.

So I decided that I want to create a community tournament movie dedicated to you awesome folks out there whom I played with and against over the many years.

If you'd like to get your frags featured in this movie, I'd like you to do the following things to make the making of this movie a lot quicker and easier for me:
  • Specify the tournament, the players and the map name in the name of the demo (e.g zensports-mock1-dodger-vs-mirio-finalrage.dem).
  • Include timestamps of the frags noted down with the timer running upwards (00:00 to 10:00).
  • Preferably zip the demos along with the timestamps in one folder.
The frags you send in must fall under these conditions:
  • The frag has to be unique, meaning it hasn't been used in a frag movie already.
  • The frag has to be from a vanilla tournament.
You can contact and send the demos to me on:
  1. Discord: Dodger^#7123
  2. IRC: Dodger^ on in #xonotic or #xonoitc.pickup
Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can either ask them here or you can message me personally on one the platforms above =]. 

12 yo out
[Image: 8848.png]

You can easily get some frags from our LAN tourney, for example, in Instagib part (last video and last demo).

I'd like to stick to vanilla as much as possible, but you can send the insta ones over as well.
[Image: 8848.png]

Changed up the idea a little bit. I will now accept demos from ANY tournament. So tdm, ctf, ca and even dm demos are welcome as long as they are from a vanilla tournament =].
[Image: 8848.png]

You also can try to find something in this run, for example at 9:07 one frag, and 13:15.
Another run is there. Times are, for example at 6:27, or telefrag at 9:28.
Download demos you can here.

Change of plans: I'll accept everything as long as it's vanilla: So public duels/ca or competitive pickup games, you name it. 

Reason being: More good and crazy stuff generally happens in those games, and I've had a lot of good stuff happening in the last few pickup games I've played. Stuff from tournaments are still welcome though!
[Image: 8848.png]

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