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[NEED HELP] Searching for a map i dont remember the name of

Hi guys,

last time I played this game was yearssss ago. And I remember, there was one map (i dont know if it was part of the game at that time or custom map), I just loved for its simplicity and also the way it was looking. It was like a giant mass of silver shiny, metallic looking blocks, The whole landscape was like this, only changing through different layers in height and holes between it. If i could just remember more, but I cant.

Any idea what map I could mean ? I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

[Image: QD2BT.png]

Do you remember what was the game mode for this map? (DM, CTF...)

Dont really know, i guess it was even so it could be also for CTF. But you could also just play DM on it. I wish i could say more.
[Image: QD2BT.png]


[Image: vC6KlYs.png]

Yessss! That was it! ? 
Any chance there is still a version for download available?
Thanks in advance!

[Image: QD2BT.png]


Found it now, and thanks. :Smile But the map looks somewhat darker than it did back then. Is that normal ?
[Image: QD2BT.png]

there are also some other maps that have a similar style maybe youre looking for boxgardens
i think theres also another one but i dont remember the name

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