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Source code for Peach Mod

Is the source code for Peach Mod available? I really like this mod and would like to tinker around with it. Thank you

I don't know if this source code is 100% SMB modpack, I think that uses config files (a set of cvars from SMB modpack). 
More info in this thread where Peach was welcomed:
Peach (mod) here. (
Believing is power

Based on SMBMod:
That's the GPL Peach edition of SMBMod sourcecode. 1.3GB

The GPL version files are available here:


The models and some of the weapons are NOT GPL, no idea about who wants to do what with the copyrights such as rtznex etc but Peach paid jeff to use his announcer. You can get the GPL announcer under the gpl-files directory but you have to set it to whatever it is in server.cfg from the PK3 (rename to .zip to examine) for it to work

Read readme at

Peach Mod Videos

Dear Peach, wouldn't it be nice for you to fork with SMB modpack and re-upload your code on the fork you created?

You can fork here: GitHub - MarioSMB/modpack: QuakeC source for SMB server mods
and write in the file your features/modifications/info...

If you want to get updated with xonotic source code with your mod: SMB modpack · Wiki · xonotic / xonotic · GitLab
Believing is power

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