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[SUGGESTION] Monster Changes and Arithmetic Gates

As a mapper I have some issues with using the monsters but would like to use them to make some maps. Also some arithmetic entities would be nice to further manipulate the gameplay.
1) monsters dropping items on death
2) automtic respawning should be toggle-able
3) we should have some agreement on their stats so they are consistent
4) the monsters should be able to trigger other entities once they die (i may got that wrong but that function didnt seem to work anyways)
5) arithmetic entities

1) When I design a map I'd like to be in control of when a player gets hat what items.
For example: I build a map like doom with different stages and unlockable stuff. In an early stage I want the player to fight 5 zombies just with a shotgun and 100 health. The problem is that the zombies may also drop health which could make it far too easy to be enjoyable.
Other monsters even drop weqapons like the vortex which in my opinion is not even suited for this kind of gameplay. Maybe for a stationary defense section.

2) Let's say i want a section where the monsters respawn and your goal is just to get past them. I would only want the monsters to respawn while the player is in that area.
As it is right now I can only have monsters respawning the entire time or once it's triggered. It wastes resources and is cumbersome to use.
Being able to turn automatic spawning on/off opens up for many possibilities in mapmaking for wave modes(invasion) and doom style levels alike.

3) Consistency would be nice when fighting them. As it is now I have to choose how many hp a zombie has. I can let them spawn or not spawn by difficulty for which it makes sense. But it would make more sense if the health of them is set globally(like for turrets) so you wont fight 200hp zombies from one mapper and 50hp from the other without visual indicator that they are different.

4) Right now they can activate/deactivate relays which pass through signals. They would be much more useful if they could trigger stuff like an antity that de-/activates relays. They they could also trigger thmselved delayed as kind of respawn function. Open a door, spawn stuff, trigger different stages of monster waves... you name it. They would be vastly more versatile.

5) Some useful arithmetic gates to have:
a) that counts the number of activations and sends a signal of how many each time its triggered to other arithmetic gates
a.1) a gate that holds a number
b) a (re-)set gate to (re-)set the gate a) or a.1) to some value
c) comparison gate that sends a signal when the signal of a) is greater(>), smaller(<), equal(=), >= or <= a set value
d) multiply/divide gate could be useful
e) add/subtract gate to manipulate the gates a) and a.1)
[f) an entity that you can manipulate with numbers by rotating or moving it. Combined with misc_follow...]
[g) a gate that listenes for button presses in an area]

With that you could make a room that opens once you killed 20 zombies for example. Also counting up some number in intervals is useful. Easy 7-segment displays. Many more possibilities.

Thanks for providing feedback! I'll address these as best I can:

1. I've created an issue on the tracker for this one, a great suggestion to be considered with the upcoming update to monsters:

2. There are now 3 issues relating to (re)spawning of monsters, 2 of which I've just opened for this thread. If there's anything missing, you're more than welcome to comment here or on the tracker:

3. There is some basic consistency existing in the code already; monsters of different skill levels will have a different base color applied to them, with purple being the strongest. Mappers are able to change the health of monsters which can add to the appearance of inconsistency (in those cases, I'd suggest that one also increases the size of the monster to visually show that it's stronger). There may be ways to improve the clarity there, suggestions are of course welcomed.

4. Monsters should activate any targets from the "target" key on death, you may also be able to use "target3" and "target4", however "target2" is reserved for movement targets.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean here with the use of relays. Admittedly, there is a lot of inconsistency between the way such entities are handled and how they handle non-player entities. Could you elaborate further please?

5. There's a lot to unpack here; I do believe a lot of what's suggested is actually possible already with existing entities, but my knowledge isn't as deep in this area. It would be appreciated if some more experienced mappers could comment on this note.
That said, it should be very much possible to use a trigger_counter entity that all the monsters target, as I have done exactly this in my own maps at some point!
[Image: 230.png]

1,2) Thanks you! (:

3) Haven't noticed. I did notice that some enemies will emit light and drop better stuff then. Changing the size of them or by health(or manually) sounds good.

4) I think my description of it was incorrect in the radiant(using the custom fork). target3 and 4 not mentioned. (or are target 3 and 4 applicable to all entities that can target?)
target : disable/enable all relays with this targetname when killed
target2 : follow this target
Thanks for clarifying!

5) Oh yes forgot about this one but its very limited and doesn't combine that well. Maybe it's enough to modify that one. Resetting it would be nice and it seems to stop working after it has been triggered x times instead of firing every x times.

When I tested all turrets and monsters, I got the outcome:
1)Too a little monsters at first sight (Zombie, spider, mage, shambler, wyvern)
2)Turrets is also monsters (YEAH!!!), Some of them thinks as monsters (eWheel, Walker)
2.1)Turrets uses as weapons (g_weaponarena turret_tesla), trying g_balance_porto_weaponstart 1 will start all turrets, vehicles, monsters and porto.
3)Easiest to create a test monster is just a bot (with bots.txt file editing), but it possible only with one bot (I saw some video, which has a order of placing bots as bot orchestra)
4)I made the outcome:
Bots can be monsters, turrets, eWheel, Walker also can be monsters
So, all monsters:
Bots(if it possible), eWheel, Walker, Turrets, Zombie, spider, mage, shambler, wyvern. (Total: 9)
Need more monsters Big Grin

Too much off topic (I know, if you don't like it, remove it)
My maps:
CTF: Trident_ctf, Moon terror;
DM: Checkfriend, Landing hedge;
Duel: tempullit, X air walker;
Kota-dooM: Kota-dooM, Kota-dooM4 (-2);
Race: Map packs;
Special: Triangle, Mid space 'em.

You can check out my other maps here.

(03-01-2021, 11:33 AM)_para Wrote: 5) Oh yes forgot about this one but its very limited and doesn't combine that well. Maybe it's enough to modify that one. Resetting it would be nice and it seems to stop working after it has been triggered x times instead of firing every x times.

This should be possible actually, by setting the respawntime key of the trigger_counter entity (possibly to a very small value).
[Image: 230.png]

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