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XonStat 2.0 is now live

There will not be a ranking system for xonstat for many reasons.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Thank you for your reply, is there any information about the skill points? If we were to create mini competitions inside our discords and let’s say we had 5 people wanting to do a tournament or something having an understanding of the skill points such as what’s the highest, lowest, and how that number is figured might help match players. I’m sure I’ve been a minor annoyance the past few days asking and poking around the web but I’m having a ton of fun with this game and would love to see more people online. Heck I’d even be willing to pay or raise money to help fund the production of the game if I knew what the future of the game looked like. Anyways I do appreciate your response and looking forward to getting back in the arena 🫡

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