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MAP toxic_fabric

hey i multiport my map on xonotic too,original from quak3,i like to map unique that not mapped bevor/not seen alot,and the result is toxic fabric
beta testing bug report feedback/items placed good or not/u stuck somewhere/gametypes worked or not/etc make screen and i add it on my to do list


A team of archaeologists and scientists excavating the ruins of ancient Greece discover books and documents written by a race who were known as the Stroggs. After learning how to translate this ancient language the team discover that they must travel to two locations, the Brazilian rainforest and the Northpole, in order to locate and recover alien crystals from meteorites that have impacted the Earth at these locations.
the archaeologists and scientists use there toxic facility where they work to gain access to the generators for there power,These crystals will give them the ability to open a time vortex that will enable the Stroggs to travel to our time period and continue their mysterious work, which is something that the archeological and scientific team are eager to learn from.

The map contains:

armor shard -37
health small-11
health large-8
health -6
health  mega-1
ammo bullets-4
ammo cells-4
ammo grenades-4
ammo lightning-4
ammo rockets-4
ammo shells-4
armor body-3
armor combat-3
powerups -2
weapon vortex
gametype -dm tdm lms ca ft ctf                    
ctf  10 vs 10 so far ,or maybe 8vs8?
info_player_deathmatch -20

Interesting level it feels a little small/tight tho.
I die using any of the  teleporter transition rooms' because I collide with the glow effect at the end and fall down. (i think the "toxic_facility_teleporter/teleporter_swirl_blue" texture breaks it)
I've got to steer to the sides to make it but then I come out of the portal with insane speed. (in the misc_teleporter_dest entity you can set a speed limit)
And I don't know whether or not it's intentional but the fans shadows rotate in the opposite direction of the fans.

The map is also too bright for xon but it can be easily fixed via mapinfo:
clientsettemp_for_type all r_ambient -56
But else
q3map_surfacelight 7000
is too much. I think 700 would be better for it to look like on the screenshots.

Those dust particle effect below some lights is really cool.

Also please make the screens directly shown here like so:
[Image: ioquake3-2021-04-22-04-15-10-15.jpg]

i downscale the map to 0.60 that now it look like small
-the teleporter works i test all a couple times if it works/or not,i post then the teleporter die version the map i post here not bad but u see then that things in quake3 port into xonotic dont work,on the new version i fix it 
-hmm good to know the fan shadow is wrong rotate,but i consider i add it right and test it and it worked
-for the light u know how long i sit only to get it look as in quake3 the screens are from quake3 i post,since it is from quake3 i use the same compile stages in xonotic too,but it looks bright,i even add -dirty -dirtscale,but on some areas there was no light then,so i set the light on 1000 and still it doesnt look like in quake3,so on some point i give up and compiled it on the quake3 stages again

yep the reference entities make it feel small. the crates are boxes now.
dirtmap, dirtscale etc... is for ambient occlusion. its the shadows in the corners. it wont make the map overall darker
try those instead: "-areascale 0.05" [and "-pointscale 0.05" but you just use arealights](

winner is maybe 15 or 10 [Image: ioquake3-2021-04-22-04-15-10-15.jpg]

what did you consider max players -10 vs 10 as now i have ,or 8 vs 8

Hmm I wish the tanks and pipes would glow in xon. The player count I dont know it has to be tested. But should be good for 6v6+ CA in it's original size.
Another thought I had: Revert scaling down the map it feels cramped and thats also a cause why the lights are not right.

the slime glow is light 400 in quake3,i add 100 slime light now because it looks bright for a slime i mean under the platforms was much green light from the slime,well i compiled now a new version with light maybe this is now the finale with no change anymore,i add even a fence that stop bunny hop around the map ,in xonotic is jumping much higher as in quake3, i consider good light value are -areascale 0.10 -pointscale 0.10 on this version,after the feedback if all works i can public the map , download

I mean the texture used to glow by itself in the original screenshot unlike in xonotic. I think you're missing a *_glow.jpg texture (like pipe.jpg needs a pipe_glow.jpg)

well its good to get some feedback to consider some things what needs to change ,after ur feedback about map size i consider the same the map feels to small,i change it to the default i used on first version,it mean later version was with arbitrary scale 0.60 now it is 1.0 and feels more bigger as bevor,

i public now my map as finale download

better but the teleporters still smash you :/

wait can u make maybe a vid, i test the tele alot times i didnt die of end of tele,how can this be i check it

map updated with the working teleport now u land save while u leaving the teleport

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