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What's your mouse?

It sucks, I would like to test a mouse that costs $100 before I buy it. But the only mouse I saw available for testing in polish markets was some expensive Logitech mouse, a little too small for my taste.

If it was possible, problems like you had could be avoided.

Woohoo! That driver I found works. Only thing it can't do is update the firmware, but that's being worked on.

Oh wait.

TRUST Optical Mouse MI-2540D
[Image: 15373-1.jpg]
[Image: 788.png]

(08-25-2010, 10:54 AM)rainerzufalldererste Wrote: TRUST Optical Mouse MI-2540D
[Image: 15373-1.jpg]

*Cough* Wink

I'm using an Logitech MX518 Tongue

(08-24-2010, 03:45 AM)Rage_ATWM Wrote: I used Razer Copperhead. I really do like its small size and the rubber side-grip.
Damn, I miss it...

Buy it again Wink

MX518 is a classic, but it's not my type. I used to have one, but gave it to my cousin along with my Saitek Eclipse (original blue one) when I upgraded to a Razer Lachesis and a now dead Logitech G15 V2 (smaller orange one). One other really good mouse I used was a refurbished Razer Abyssus that I got for my mom so she would have something better than the PoS that she was currently using at work. It has only three buttons and the DPI and poll rate toggling is done by two switches on the bottom of the mouse, but it's built with an old-school shape that almost all mice had in the early 90s and it's VERY comfortable for left and right hand use. It's also built like a tank and has a nice rubber coating. Another good mouse I bought that's hooked up to my mom's computer is a Trust GM Predator. If you can live with only two DPI stages, I would actually recommend it over the MX518. Wolfking Troopers also kick a lot of ass if you like ergonomic mice.

Oh wait.

Razer Mamba here, wasn't worth the money really considering the terrible battery life. Good thing you can at least attach the same mini usb cable from the dock to the mouse when you're on a long fragging spree Tongue
In fact, I find myself rarely using the wireless mode anymore because of this, so it's effectively a 60$ mouse for twice the price... :/
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wireless for the lost.
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Medion Erazer Mouse
[Image: W18_Gaming_Mouse_PD.jpg]
its basically a cut down rebadged cyper snipa silencer
its still the same mouse without the fancy leds (other than the dpi indicator) and software
[Image: 568.png]

Am using a Razer Diamondback. Never had any problems with it and it isn't really expensive.

I personally own a razer lachesis.

Never had any problem with it (8 month of usage). Well maybe some small problems before firmware update...
Used it under: Windows Seven, XP, many linux distros, even FreeBSD (PC-BSD).

Pros: Many boutons, highly configurable
Cons: Need a while to get used to it, no driver control panel availlable under linux... Expensive.

I used a M$ mouse before that... While I'm not an hardcore gamer, that mouse was quite on intensive use and lasted 3 years... (note that I do not smash my mouse on my desk...)

I'll edit if I think of something else
EDIT: Update the firmware!
Thanks to the devs!
PM me if you need something... I'll be happy to help for any translation work needed...

Oh no! my scroll wheel broke :S
[Image: 788.png]

Logitech G3 + Razor ExactMat (using the speed side). I like these small logitech mouse, it fits well for my small hands :> Drawbacks, it is not the best sensor on earth. But I use highsense so I dont have to fight with clipping problems.

(09-02-2010, 02:17 AM)Bundy Wrote: Logitech G3 + Razor ExactMat (using the speed side). I like these small logitech mouse, it fits well for my small hands :> Drawbacks, it is not the best sensor on earth. But I use highsense so I dont have to fight with clipping problems.
About your mouse mat, does it provide any form of tangible improvements?

The mouse glides smooth over it and I have always a accurate feeling, so it is better then any clothpad I used before. It is also big enough to make some movement with the mouse. I also like the specially-designed gel-filled wrist rest. The downside is, that you will notice abrasion traces, depending on how much you sit at your pc. After one year it is time to buy a new one.

[Image: 98579120_749efb97c0.jpg]
See on the right. Good for testing maps and mapping, but sometimes lags (you could say ALOT) and therefore not as good for actually playing the game. Partly because my mouse pad sucks.

Edit: Also, I'm using Polish layout since I bought it in Poland (and I'm Polish)
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

Razor DeathAdder

Works pretty well so far. Tracks on all surfaces I've tried. A little big for my tastes, but since the buttons have a big hit range it works for me. It's made for right handers (I am right handed, so it works well), the mouse wheel is notched, which is my preference because I like to switch wepons with it in games, and it's glowey! XD

I just wish the upper thumb button worked better (there are two). The lower works perfectly, but when I press the upper one a little hard it doesn't count as being pressed in... weird... maybe it's just my mouse, but it sucks when I have push-to-talk on that key.

This mouse is usb connected and has a very long cord. I personally love it and have no problems using it at all. I would recommend it for a mid-range-priced mouse any day.

If we're going to be talking pads then I'll list the good ones I've used that work with laser mice (usually only gaming-grade work with lasers, I found this out the hard way).

Here's a list of pads I've had floating around here, I'll list them from best to worst

Corepad C1- Cloth, available in multiple sizes ranging from big to HUGE (3 feet by 17 inches)
Ulti mat Original- Teflon coated steel plate, normal sized
Firepad Black Virus- Cloth, normal size
Fellowes pads bundled with Gliding Palm- slick-ass plastic, smallish size
WolfKing Sniper- Cloth, normal size

Oh wait.

[Image: razer-deathadder.jpg]
Razer DeathAdder. Work well on mac OS. Seems a bit less precise than my two razer copperhead (broken). For me, Copperhead+Windows+drivers enhancement = win.
On :
[Image: razer-mantis-speed-large.jpg]
(Giant one : 444 mm x 355 mm) :
Awesome, did Qz show you that ?
Nexuiz : I Reach the top5 of the ladder (even top3 I guess). Top1 French for quite some time (when active) of ladder. Top5 of some tournaments (if I remember well)

I recently bought a Logitech G500.
[Image: Logitech%20G500%20Gaming%20Mouse.jpg]

I used to have a Logitech MX-518, which I liked a lot, but it eventually died. I wanted something more modern and hopefully more durable, so I went with the G500. The G500 feels odd. The base where my palm rests has too much of a hump and I sometimes have issues with laser jumps being stunted because of how the mouse sits in my hand. I realize that I'm more of a "claw" type of mouse user than a "palm" type, and this mouse doesn't work well for a "claw" holding style....which is a comment someone made on Newegg about this mouse, which I disregarded.


.jpg   killermouse.JPG (Size: 50.38 KB / Downloads: 147)
who's your daddy? BOOM trifecta
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Interesting looking mouse. I hope you use ps2rate to boost it up Big Grin

Err... I have a Logitech G500.. Good for me Tongue

(09-20-2010, 08:51 PM)Bundy Wrote: Interesting looking mouse. I hope you use ps2rate to boost it up Big Grin

be jealous
Internets. Serious Business.

(09-20-2010, 07:48 PM)maxp00n Wrote: who's your daddy? BOOM trifecta
And what a kickass plywood mouse mat.

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