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What's your mouse?

I have a roccat keyboard (RYOS MK) and a corsair mouse (Sabre optical) and never had problems with any of them.
Imo both have good linux support and the tools for them are open source (GPLv2). The tool for corsair ( is not an official Corsair product though.

Thank you for your replies. It was helpful.

thanks for mentioning Roccat @_para

i'm running an old Cooler Master Inferno and am looking for a new mouse - can anyone offer a comparison between the CM and Roccat brands? CM mice seem to be built like tanks - they just don't quit - so i'm wondering if Roccat is also high quality and long lasting?

regarding Linux compatibility, i think just about any mouse will work but all the buttons may not be supported - i know with my Inferno button 8 is not detected in Xonitic and i think (not sure) this is largely because the Linux kernel doesn't support a whole lot of buttons - however i think if you set the mouse up in windows with the OEM driver and assign those extra buttons to keyboard keys, all should be fine (as long as that info is saved on the mouse of course) ... OR ...@Mr. Bougo mentioned 'xev' which i just tried and that works fine to detect X11 events:

xev -event mouse | grep --no-group-separator -B3 button

however i can't find any packages in the Manjaro/AUR repos that can assign mouse events to keys - anyone?

it looks like xbindkeys might be able to do that but i'm not sure


I have not tweaked it yet, but I will asap. I have just added some speed.

G wolves skol mouse. Best ergo

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