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[SOLVED] Problem with logging in on forum.

For some odd reason, the Xonotic forums do not like me when I try to login. After logging in and getting redirected, I am taken to my ISP's search engine. I then must go back and refresh the page to use the forum. This only happens when logging in after trying to reply to a topic.
[Image: jngsiggy.png]

This is quite strange... Usually it should redirect you to the previous page.
What do you mean by "your ISP's search engine" ? What is your ISP?

my ISP is CenturyLink, formerly CenturyTel.
[Image: jngsiggy.png]

jngdwe Wrote:After logging in and getting redirected, I am taken to my ISP's search engine.

Arf, that is such a pain with ISP provided DNS. Sad I always get when I try a domain name that doesn't exist, it's sooo very helpful and makes a tonne of sense :p Worse still, it returns HTTP 200 (!)

Not entirely (or even remotely) sure, but it may be a DNS problem, so try using Google Public DNS to see if it is.
[Image: vN3NkMA]
(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

It seems Centurylink hijack 404's, and also bing searches! Definitely change your DNS server to something less abusive...

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