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physics / player movement

Soylent disappears? o.O

Don't we have anyone that is capable of polishing up this epic best-of-all-and-ever map jewel so that it can be included in Xonotic? Not including this map would sound like blasphemy to me.
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We are probably not yet at this point but:
If many Nexuiz maps turn out to not fit with Xonotic, a part of mappers effort should be dedicated to save a restricted set of the most popular Nexuiz maps. In that case, a vote should be organized.

Still, throwing away a large majority of Nexuiz maps could be seen as a good opportunity.

Absolutely, I'm sure there will be enough mappers willing and capable to brush up the old classics and make them even better than before! Rome wasn't built in a day though, and neither is a First Person Shooter. Even if some/most/all of your favourite maps will not be in the alpha/beta/1.0 release, this is not to say they will never be. At least I hope so. We'll probably see an explosion of maps and map revamps right after the release of a first version of Xonotic, because we'll finally be pretty certain about its direction, physics, etc.

I too would hate seeing Soylent go, but on the other hand: it could do with a major revamp in the cosmetics department. What I have seen from Xonotic so far is that Soylent would probably be rejected in its current state if it were a new map, this mainly says something about the high standard that Xonotic is aiming for though. Also, server admins can of course still put any map they like on their servers, this will never change Smile

Please note that I don't know which maps are in and which ones are out at the moment.

I will start assembling an intervention package for Rage_ATWM's upcoming hungerstrike :p
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Why not releasing an official mappack with the most liked Nexuiz maps (as finalrage, runningman or soylent. Some of these are already being worked on) after some time (call it Legacy Mappack or whatever Tongue)? They shouldn't be in my opinion already included in xonotic.

soylent certainly should be retextured for Xonotic Tongue

Any remake of Soylent with same (or at least very similar) gameplay and that meets visual quality of Xonotic (see the new maps g-23 and red-planet as first examples) will be accepted immediately Smile
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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sev is working on Soylent, but he's quite busy afaik.
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I know sev remakes soylent atm but I retuxtured soylent for xonotic some days ago! Big Grin

I think naryls server runs my version of soylent Tongue
I can upload it here again, if you want. (btw: my version doesnt have a skydome! Smile)

@Debugger: could you post few caps of your work?

I am 100% cool with having to climb up another learning curve. In the end, I don't care if it is the "same", I care that there is depth to the game.

(08-31-2010, 04:35 AM)divVerent Wrote:
(08-31-2010, 02:39 AM)Duke Wrote: +1 for keeping the physics and player movement like it was in Nexuiz. Like grassy and liquid, I have played many FPS games and the only one I have ever stuck with is Nexuiz. The only reason is because of the speed and agile movement. It can takes months or years of practice to go from newbie to master. If everything is slowed down or nerfed then there will be no long learning curve and interest will wane.

Nothing is slowed down or nerfed - but you may have to start over and go a new way from newbie to master, regarding the physics. Don't worry, you probably will reach the point where you outperform your movement in Nexuiz physics after a few days or weeks of playing, and then go on and become even faster.

Yes, such changes mean that people who previously were at "master" level may get turned back into newbies. This can happen with any change, be it physics, weapon or even map changes. But once you walked that path once, it is not hard and pretty quick to walk it again. It certainly is not an argument to not do any changes, ever.

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