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Vore Tournament (game forked from Nexuiz)

Alas the program recognizes the wrong version 62 and quits. Sad

If I have time I'll look more into it to see if there's an easy way to install the prober library in Ubuntu.

Note that Nexuiz works fine on my Ubuntu system.
Ciao Smile

I'm happy to announce version 0.3 is now up and available Big Grin Another load of things were done, and many bugs were fixed. There are no more known bugs at this moment. A list of the most important changes is:


- Fixed a bug that caused entities to get broken if eating someone before a match starts in Clan Arena (by disabling the vore system until the match starts, since that makes most sense). Thanks to the fur who reported this Smile

- Fix a bug where the grabber would stick to the player you have swallowed, if you were still keeping the fire button down (causing your grabber to stick to you).

- Fixed a bug which caused prey to be regurgitated at a spawnpoint if you went spectating with someone in your belly (they are now released at your last position before becoming a spectator).

- Fix the old Nexuiz bug that caused bot announcers to be heard by all players. The tick sounds caused by bots are also fixed.

- Fix the stealprey feature. It was broken and could even cause some major issues.


- Bot AI was heavily modified and improved (as well as most of the vore code). Bots won't randomly spit you out at lower skills any more, and just start digesting you later instead. Bots have also learned the secrets of team healing, and will swallow team mates they can heal and spit them out once they reach maximum health. Bots will also automatically leave you once they've been team healed to the max (see the new leaving feature below).

- Vore personalities for bots. 4 new skills have been added in bots.txt, specifying how good that bot is at different parts of the vore act. The main ones are pred skill and prey skill. A bot with a good pred skill will eat and handle you quicker, while the prey skill makes bots kick your stomach more often.

- Regurgitating someone in a deadly pit now gives you a frag. Previously this wasn't considered a push, and the prey was just "in the wrong place". Thanks to a fur who reported this.

- The team bubble will now show which team mates can be healed in team games. When it's the case, you will see an additional "HEAL" panel under the "TEAM MATE" panel of the team bubble, indicating you can swallow that team mate to heal them.

- Prey can press the jump button to get out of their predator willingly in some circumstances. Currently, this is available for team mates, and all players in the RPG gametype (if a cvar to enable it is turned on). A message on the HUD lets prey know when this is possible.

- Adapt and fix the accuracy stats window. Players will now see their Grabber stats properly.

- Two new settings for the RPG gametype. One allows bots to not attack you in this gametype, or swallow you harmlessly (without digesting or kicking). The other enables the leave feature for all players in RPG (you can press jump to get out of anyone at any time, like you always can for team mates).

- Recoil effect when swallowing / regurgitating. You will now see your view tilting up or down, simulating swallowing better.

[Image: 5ih71z0mli51aljrvsc_thumb.jpg] [Image: fsf61ycoo9xsan66e03_thumb.jpg] [Image: bsiue7fds4j7gz9s9an_thumb.jpg] [Image: mfsg4ffton0008secgv_thumb.jpg] [Image: 9hyeudwhrc1x3gwtvnxe_thumb.jpg] [Image: r120ef6jt6w63b6vr5w_thumb.jpg] [Image: sirplgkpzkrkp8udk8rd_thumb.jpg] [Image: yvamykvz37mqjygpy5hp_thumb.jpg]

I downloaded the File and extracted the zip folder, but when I try to start the game up my screen goes black, the sound jitters then I get an error message and it VT shuts down, anyone know why this is maybe?

I am happy to announce Vore Tournament 0.4 is now out, with major changes from 0.3. All known annoyances and issues from 0.3 were fixed. There are many changes to list, so I'll only get to the most important ones.

Fixed bugs:

- Fixed a bug that caused the third person weapon entity to show on dead players

- Fixed a bug that made the view get stuck in the ground if eating / being eaten while crouching

- Fixed a bug that caused players to float in Arena and Clan Arena if a new round caught them with someone in their belly

- Map voting screen fixed. You can now vote for a map at the end of the game like in Nexuiz

- Switched engine to div0-stable branch. All lib issues (including Linux issues) should now be fixed, and other improvements should be visible too (no more startup hitch). Also included 64bit Windows engine (be careful however, this might crash sometimes!)

New features:

- Loads of new maps ported from Nexuiz. Some are official maps, others are maps that never made it in Nexuiz. Onslaught can now be played too, and you'll also face automated turrets on some maps.

- We now have a single player campaign / story. The story has 20 levels of different gametypes, and features automated in-game dialogs and a detailed story mode.

- Tutorial map. Can be found in the Single Player menu (not related to the campaign) and should cover all basics.

- A lot of awesome new music (made for Nexuiz but that didn't get in it).

- Many new sounds for items, the grabber, jump pads / teleporters and other stuff. The vixens also have a higher pitch voice now, more suitable for a foxy Smile

- Intermission sound and artwork. If you are the winner when the match ends, you'll see a picture of a predator and hear an RPG-ish "won music". If you lose, you'll see a picture of a prey and hear an RPG-ish "lost music".

- A Gentle Vore mutator, for those who don't like digestion and harmful stuff. When enabled, you can't digest or stomach kick, thought you can still die / kill using non-vore means.

- Stomach kick force. A predator will lightly get pushed in the direction their prey is facing when it kicks.

NOTE: The new artwork (including screenshots below that show it) contains some nude furry art. If that bothers anyone, please don't click them. They're part of the game and the release screenshots, so I hope no one minds this and it's not too much. Anyway, if anyone tries the new version, please let me know what you think Smile Also, if anyone is interested, there's also an IRC channel for the game on #voretournament

[EDIT] Removed thumbnails due to nsfw art. Sorry if that upset anyone.

hahaha what to say?

i like it how you see inside their belly Tongue

nice medieval map too. to get that stardust floating around the room did you just make a func_stardust on a brush the size of the room?
[Image: vNzdsZw]

(01-24-2011, 10:37 AM)... Wrote: hahaha what to say?

i like it how you see inside their belly Tongue

nice medieval map too. to get that stardust floating around the room did you just make a func_stardust on a brush the size of the room?

Thank you Smile I used a large pointparticles brush around the room, otherwise it would have been hard to make the area so large.

Heyo, this still alive? I just got the game recently, and I have to say that I love itHeart, easily the best vore game I have come across so far. I really hope this hasn't died out yet, I really would love to see this grow, and if I can help out, I'll give it a shot.

Edit: I meant to ask if the multiplayer servers are still up? I keep creating a game and getting 9999 ping in the server list, but in game I only have between 10 and 20.

Hey there... glad you like Smile The project isn't dead, but I've taken a brake from development so far. It's open source however, so anyone can continue it in case it ever dies (though I'll make sure it won't as long as I'm around).

As for servers, I don't host any servers for it. Anyone can make their own however (just copy server.cfg from the server folder to the data folder, and start voretournament-dedicated.exe). Can always join or make one if someone wants to play, though ^^

Well it's really glad to see you're still around. I was a little worried because four months is a fairly long time without a post.
I'll see if I can at least keep my server up, but who knows if it will work. I'm not the most program-savvy person.

And I would very much like to play, though I'm not sure how we would set it up. I may not be able to connect.

Hope it´s not bad if I bump this but, it looks awesome. Got so excited that I accidentally dropped my glass of Coke all over my keyboard and now I need to use another one...

But yeah, going to download it to give it a try.

Heee, glad you like ^_^

There's some news, also. I've been working hard on it for another week, and added some new things. Including grabber reloading and a (re-integrated) armor system, as well as lots of new effects and eye-candy. They are available in the GIT repository, but it will be a while till version 0.5 will be released.

Good news to all Vore Tournament fans! Version 0.5.0 was just released tonight, bringing a LOT of new features and improvements. Some features were back-ported from Xonotic... but hey, this is a game forked from Nexuiz which Xonotic is a continue of, so I really just updated everything Smile Anyway, I'll let the release notes talk from here on:

0.5.0 Release Notes:

**** New features:

- Updated to the latest darkplaces engine, which has several changes and improvements (especially better performance compared to the previous VT engine). The 64 bit version is also stable now, compared to the engine a few months ago.

- Lots of new effects and eye candy! This includes the HUD damage blur (proposed for Xonotic too), screen splashes when damaged or in the stomach, over-bloom, and many other effects. You can also see your weapon model inside the stomach now, and Grabber alt fire now uses a swing attack. The green goo will also wash off players now, although slowly.

- When getting swallowed, the volume of sounds and music are smoothly reduced, and music is turned down. This gives a pretty cool effect.

- Special crosshair indicators. One is the "coloring by health" feature from Xonotic. The crosshair will also turn into a (!) symbol when you can swallow an enemy, a (?) symbol when you can swallow a team mate, or a (/) symbol when you cannot swallow a player, making it easier to know.

- Prey now stays in the stomach after being eaten, rather than the predator throwing up their dead body. Even while dead, victims can still see their predator's belly.

- Ambient autotaunts for predators and prey. Predators will laugh when having someone inside their belly, while prey will cry out for help.

- Re-integrated armor system. Vore Tournament now has armor as well! There are no armor pickups (and likely never will be), but armor is self-rechargeable if you don't take any damage for several seconds (similar to Halo).

- Reload system for Grabber weapon, with crosshair ring indicating load (uses my reload code from Xonotic).

- Multi-jump feature (jumping again in the air). Ported from Xonotic, original code by me. By default, you can jump a second time in the air, UT2004 style.

- True type fonts for menu and HUD, like Xonotic. MUCH prettier than the old ones.

**** Bug fixes:

- Only major bugfix I noted was a bug that VT always had. The server tried animating the stomach model like the normal player model (which is a static md3), which caused a lot of console spam. I finally managed to nail down this issue, and prevent the model from being animated. This saves a lot of console spam with "developer 1" enabled, and might prevent some deeper technical issues as well.

**** Known bugs:

- Prey staying in the stomach after they die has a bug. Sometimes, their dead body is still thrown up, and it also collides when it is. The reason for this is still unknown.

- In Keyhunt, if you are inside a player's stomach when the round starts, your team's key can still be given to you (since KH keys are only dropped when you are swallowed). Not a real bug, but it looks ugly and is incorrect. The reason for this is known, and to be fixed in a later release.

- While reloading the Grabber, you may sometimes go below 0 ammo, and be able to reload and keep going down in minus. The reason for this is still unknown.

- Swallowed players still appear on the radar. Not a bug, but it looks ugly and isn't right. To be found and fixed.

**** Planned features:

- Many players requested that swallowing is done slowly rather than instantly. Although this is harder for a 3D project, I will see what I can do in 0.6. No promises though!

- I plan to try improving the media and assets a bit in the next release. Although this depends on what content I'll have available, and to which extent I can adapt it.

End of 0.5.0 Release Notes:

Those are the main changes that come to mind. What would help a lot if anyone is willing, would be any feedback and bug testing of this version. I still don't test Multiplayer with anyone, nor can find all of the bugs by myself.

It would also help the project if players could spread the word about it! This is not a game for vore lovers only, and is currently quite advanced and fully playable for any gamer. Of course, you DO have to not mind vore and furries... but even if you're not specifically into them, VT might still be a game for you Big Grin

Latest version can be downloaded from the SourceForge page. Either download the zip archive, or via the torrent file also posted there (if you do, please seed the torrent as well). Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think Big Grin Have fun!

Screenshots and video below. The first two pics still contain the outdated HUD.

[Image: z255oes6c4785bd1um1z_thumb.jpg] [Image: bkxhdb2y8jtq0d0myww_thumb.jpg] [Image: 66mcg8aejga6yayqf836_thumb.jpg] [Image: bq9w150w8at6r1pkz6lk_thumb.jpg] [Image: hwnzh44xmaj7ugnqmh_thumb.jpg] [Image: ms911slil5b0m0xa1z3r_thumb.jpg] [Image: d8962yxrjz20fw3dhe_thumb.jpg] [Image: fpwbvlulef2nz1w6s61a_thumb.jpg] [Image: puax37dsjwy8irq487sv_thumb.jpg] [Image: izs5pskqveifnqphr46p_thumb.jpg] [Image: cvgq26fs6e8447ljc30_thumb.jpg] [Image: cespxtkgcum323pgs40p_thumb.jpg] [Image: 5ciga4zmm7j69169hz_thumb.jpg] [Image: l9wp13j06of48gcl2_thumb.jpg] [Image: 7j6fuflotz1t8a1oivj_thumb.jpg] [Image: xltoyd2zoyknnulbl436_thumb.jpg] [Image: a4cokipyc77fxt4mpkyq_thumb.jpg] [Image: u3tg6u2m05w5432n533y_thumb.jpg]


Mind if I steal some things from it? Like those sounds ;3

Would be nice to get some new sounds for pickup items.

(BTW, nice work -- but may I recommend making this just a fullblown mod of Xonotic instead? Wouldn't be hard to convert)

Those sounds are pretty cool, it's also nice to FINALLY hear blkrbt's variable track in-game. Other than that though, this game is a bit weird for my tastes.

Oh wait.


awesome work but totally weird for me too.
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Thanks, glad you like! And yeah, I can understand the weirdness part :3

@ Samual: Of course! They are sounds I mostly got from, and I "stole" (or rather back-merged) lots of stuff from Xonotic too. Anyone's free to use anything from VT, especially to help Xonotic. Though make sure to credit the sounds in Xonotic too, like I did in VT (see voretournament-credits.txt for info of each sound and original links).

Ok... so there's already an update again! I just released a 0.5.1 bugfix version (after releasing 0.5.0 last night), to fix the major issues listed last night. Fixes include:

- Prey not staying in the stomach after dying at times. It was caused by a VERY ugly code I used, which had an improper deadflag check in one spot and health check in another. Prolly one of my biggest recent fails in coding Tongue

- The issue with keyhunt keys is now fixed. If you're in a belly when your team's key is given to you, you instantly drop it. No better way I could think of, but now it works well.

- Fixed the minus ammo bug (one of the biggest issues in last night's release). It was caused by the Grabber not being force switched when having no ammo left (since VT doesn't have an infinite ammo gun like Xonotic has the laser, so there's nothing else to switch to). Due to that, the weapon could still fire when out of ammo. Ammo is now checked when firing, for each of the firing modes.

Other secondary changes apart from these fixes are also included in 0.5.1. You can no longer reload guns in a stomach, and if you are swallowed while reloading you will have to start reloading all over again once you're out. Also, players that have the spawn shield can no longer be swallowed by default (previously they could be, but digestion wouldn't harm them).

To those who downloaded 0.5.0 last night: Don't panic! The changes are few, so I'm also posting a patch that updates 0.5.0 to the new 0.5.1. Just download the patch and unpack it in last night's release. Otherwise, the latest full version is updated too. Files posted on the same SourceForge page. Keep in mind the patch is not as clean however, as it doesn't put the updated files in the data_xxxxxx.pk3 (but straight in the data folder), though otherwise it's fine.

There is a bit of an error or glitch when I try to run the latest version. Whenever I attempt to run the game, it flickers to a different screen resolution and I get sound... but no picture. It just shows a white bar across the right side of my screen and a black one on the left. I can still click blindly and use the console. I'm using Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion laptop. Updating drivers didn't help yet and I know my video cards are more than powerful enough to handle the game (Smoothly runs Bioshock 2 on the highest possible settings). Huh

EDIT: Me and a friend figured out what is up. Turn out my graphic card simply doesn't like the program. Apparently, the ATI Mobility Radeon series doesn't work too well.

And yet another version has just been released! That's because me and other testers discovered a big issue in multiplayer earlier, that would cause players with high ping to brake animations on players who ate them. It would seem this bug always existed in VT, though I can't explain how it took place. Anyway, I did my best to secure against this issue, and my tests show it should now be fixed.

0.5.2 also fixes the timer background being positioned incorrectly when showing remaining time, and numbers in the map voting screen using the old HUD numbers which were removed. Just like 0.5.1, there is an update patch and of course a new torrent. If you still have 0.5.0 and wish to use the patches, apply the 0.5.1 patch first, then the 0.5.2 one over it.

(04-19-2011, 09:03 PM)Olive Darkstar Wrote: There is a bit of an error or glitch when I try to run the latest version. Whenever I attempt to run the game, it flickers to a different screen resolution and I get sound... but no picture. It just shows a white bar across the right side of my screen and a black one on the left. I can still click blindly and use the console. I'm using Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion laptop. Updating drivers didn't help yet. Huh

I'm having the same problem when using 0.5.2. but i cant access any menu functions and the console will not work. It also will not change resolution. Compatability mode on all settings and admin rights have not fixed the problem. This includes adding it to the D.E.P exeptions list. (Data Execution Prevention(for those who dont know what it is))

I'm using a Toshiba satellite L355D-S7901 with a radeon HD 3800 / 3100 ( i cant remember exactly but its one of those.) on windows 7 ultimate 32bit/x86. all drivers and updates are up to date.

I really hope the issue can be fixed or resolved with the info i have provided id love to play this game. Undecided

As a side note i can at least say the music sounds awesome. Tongue

If you wish to contact me directly for more questions about problems. PM me and i can send my google voice number (texting only at current). im not sure if it costs anything for someone outside the US but aside from this snail-mail form of contact, its all i have.

im also open to using Teamspeak 3 and ventrillo.

I don't know what's causing the white screen glitch, as I never had that here. I'm imagining that darkplaces might have an issue with certain video drivers. Other than that, I dunno what it could be.

(04-29-2011, 05:44 AM)MirceaKitsune Wrote: I don't know what's causing the white screen glitch, as I never had that here. I'm imagining that darkplaces might have an issue with certain video drivers. Other than that, I dunno what it could be.

it is really strange. im able to play xonotic and nexuiz perfectly fine but VT has the issues.Undecided

its like the game is missing something it needs to load the menu that the other games either dont need or have.

Shame some graphics cards hate the program, I am unlucky enough to have one of those cards. Damnit, I really wanted to play too >.<

By looking at the screens I can tell that THIS IS SICK! Big Grin
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I have great news for all fans of the game; Version 0.6.0 has just been released! It includes awesome new features, effects, and improvements from the last version. If you liked 0.5.x, you will likely love this major update Smile

I'll let the release notes and screenshots speak from here. Because 0.6.0 is heavily changed compared 0.5.2, there is no patch available, and the whole game needs to be downloaded and replaced. Fortunately however, the torrent is also available, and I'm also seeding it now.

IMPORTANT: If the game crashes between level changes, try disabling "GLSL color control" from the Video menu. I'm not fully sure what the source of these crashes is, but this appears to fix it. It's likely an engine issue, which will probably be fixed in the future.

Also: Thanks to the Xonotic developers who helped me with several QC questions, that I needed for some code!

Quote:* 0.6.0:

Bug fixes:

- Toggling g_vore while players were inside their predators would brake everything.

- Fix a bug that caused the bot AI to get stuck after bots were getting eaten.

- Fixed bots not knowing how to select the Grabber gun. They can now hold the Grabber for the first time in VT!

- Fix grabber checking the wrong ammo value while being hooked, causing the hook to disconnect while ammo was still available.

- Fix a bug causing ammo to get to negative values at times.

- Fix stomach states not being applied properly when swallowing more than 3 players, breaking the player model.

- (Re)fix players showing as floating stomachs after being spectated, then the spectator becoming an observer.

- Fixed a visual bug that caused spectated dead prey to not follow the stomach model.

- Spectating prey while chase_active was enabled showed the stomach model.

- Fix objects and surfaces showing through the stomach when the predator was too close to a wall. The stomach is now drawn in front of everything, covering anything intersecting it (except neighboring prey).

- Fixed a visual bug when being hooked, pressing crouch, and letting go of the hook button.


- Many new and exciting gameplay changes, graphics and sounds! Very more random and complex gameplay, as well as modern and exciting visual effects.

- Realistic micro / macro support, with player size depending on health. Being low on health will make you tiny, while having over-health makes you grow bigger. Size difference between predators and prey affects the damage you deal / take, how fast you swallow your prey, and other aspects. A feature for micro / macro lovers Smile

- Slow swallowing. You no longer swallow your prey instantly when pressing the fire button while standing close to them. Instead, you need to aim at them for a second, and keep the fire button down until the swallow progress ring fills up.

- Swallow models for the slow swallowing feature. Prey can see theirselves sliding down the predator's throat as they're being swallowed, with a detailed view of their maw and gut.

- Prey can now see neighboring prey inside the same stomach.

- HUD rings that fill / empty with progress, indicating many important things, such as your swallowing / being swallowed progress.

- Floating names above players (ported from Xonotic). In team games, they will also show the health of your team mates, and tell you if you can heal them (replaces the old team icons above players).

- Post processing: Enabled HDR iris adaptation. This causes the view to get brighter when the player is sitting in a dark spot, and vice versa (same as in real life). Saturation will also lower when you're low on armor.

- Gameplay: Stomach kicks no longer have a direct escape probability. Instead, dealing any damage to a predator can make him randomly regurgitate his prey, stomach kicks included.

- Gameplay: Digestion is now applied to all prey at the same time. Also, by default, digestion damage is divided by the amount of prey you have. For instance, if digesting two prey at the same time, you will do half the normal damage to each.

- 4 new Nexuiz maps, including desert and snowy environments.

- Adapted the coloring system in Xonotic. The second customizable player color is no longer pants, but a bright neon-like glow. Can be seen on both players and weapons. Much prettier and more scifi-ish Smile

- Improved bot AI for much smarter bots in many circumstances. They will choose their prey wisely based on size (and stay away from larger predators like anyone should), and take other decisions more wisely.

- Vore Tounament now has its own icon and logo, which is a pretty self explanatory symbol.

Known bugs:

- Due to the darkplaces engine not supporting custom bounding box (collision) sizes for movement prediction, player collisions do not change with size (only the size of the player model visually). This means that tiny players will have a large collision around them, while large players can partly go through walls. The camera can also go through the ceiling if it's too low, for macro players. I must wait for the engine to have customizable bbox sizes for this.

[Image: tmjwccsnqzugwyt28dsg_thumb.jpg] [Image: 15k0wmvpt2z07gu998bn_thumb.jpg] [Image: pbko71swr3xlp6igdvxi_thumb.jpg] [Image: wsg7n69blwcw43pz919j_thumb.jpg] [Image: qkmvpighvegjf7oh89gl_thumb.jpg] [Image: xhewr2kuzff7bi68zl2z_thumb.jpg] [Image: i26xuhaxky52qz1pneu_thumb.jpg] [Image: g678n9thzpz6wnldqo2n_thumb.jpg] [Image: wjsv0g49hop07ow31f8_thumb.jpg] [Image: ehssyo7x50nk0n8pbg0_thumb.jpg] [Image: 9aj43vtn4vovalo9x0av_thumb.jpg] [Image: bmser66o3pfbrwsoaq5j_thumb.jpg] [Image: 0hg3qvzy1ptjyo1nabf_thumb.jpg] [Image: yxv4772w9jwr5rwjr863_thumb.jpg] [Image: 0wsfpjxa22p05zi54z0_thumb.jpg] [Image: lamg4vswg6chn0lnuj_thumb.jpg] [Image: 54lucm3lgs6tahonrsf_thumb.jpg] [Image: w5qqkh63rcvrvma6t88v_thumb.jpg] [Image: 6ifjh7tg9ch9n47vfer_thumb.jpg] [Image: you1scp2cjxzra483or5_thumb.jpg] [Image: 18jmux4vdukjqytmmyb_thumb.jpg] [Image: y9x29oriqtkguob6hjos_thumb.jpg] [Image: 39jt5cn7jm0sfykw1pa_thumb.jpg] [Image: 92blfthfa27nuchk3ta_thumb.jpg]

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