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Xonotic Competitive Edition Fund

Our mission is to create a competitive version for already running Esports scene partnered with ZenSports and Flukkz media.
We truly believe we can build an epic Arena FPS Esport.

What's this Esport?

Since May 2021 we started hosting Xonotic tournaments partnered with ZenSports.
We've hosted so far 10 Duel and 3 2v2 TDM cups with a prize money over 7K plus various giveaways.

It's a perfect opportunity for new players to get into our Esport and earn nice money.
(don't let Dodger win everything, KAPPA)

What's already done for XCE and our Esport
  • In game Medals

  • New Duel scoreboard

  • New HUD

  • New teamplay score panel

  • Flagger (displays the player's country flag)

  • New sound pack

  • Player profiles

  • Stats system

  • 8 running servers

  • Discord bot (game integration - chat and match results)

What we need - New Assets

The current Xonotic game is pretty outdated (released 4 years ago), we want to update it and make it more appealing for new players.
  • Weapon Models:  Blaster, Shotgun, Electro, Vortex, Devastator, LG (ARC)
    but possibly we will do all models to keep the same design concept

  • Mega Armor, Mega Health Models

  • Player Model

  • New main menu theme (lower priority)
We've already started - New Devastator Model

this is a very early, work in progress devastator model

[Image: rl-1-2d1384dd.png] [Image: rl-2-489d9cbc.png]

What we also want
  • a web server browser (join a server directly from the web)

  • a ranking system + matchmaking

The Crew
  • z411 (QuakeC coder)

  • Ch4mp (web developer)

  • pbateman (3D designer)

  • ZeRoQL (2D designer)

  • How much money do you need?
    Our goal is 2K eur, the more we get the more we can invest in for the game.

  • How long is it gonna take to make a release?
    Within a few weeks we will release a stable release and continue adding new assets.

  • Why not make it for Xonotic itself?
    Last release was 4 years ago and we have no control over it. We also wouldn't be able to add features suitable for Esports.

[b]Visit Contribute Page[/b]
All contributors may choose what their money will be used for.

Rewards for Donators

All our contributors get:
  • private discord group access to lead the development with us

  • vote power for new features

  • credits in the game and on the website
metsu ZeRoQL (Stats) - <@nifrek> true, I guess in tdm you also dont always have your perfect choice of weapon, especially when ZeRoQL is controlling nex Dodgy
KILLING X ZONE - Xonotic community movie


So... do I get this right that you ask the Xonotic community for money in order to... finance a fork of Xonotic? Why does money go where to in the process? Quite honestly, this is triggering my moderation reflexes quite heavily, I have to say.

Thoughts on this, fellow moderators?
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The development team is made up of people who were once regular players that decided to help out, either out of enjoyment for tinkering with the game and/or a desire to see it improve. The unwillingness to co-operate with the existing team shows a lack of integrity that will affect any attempts at forking the game together, and the way money is involved here gives it a very toxic outlook in my opinion. Not to mention remaking assets the community already funded replacements for...

It is clear you have some talented developers involved considering the UI changes, it would be great if they could direct their talents towards solving the roadblocks preventing a release of the main game.
I'm no moderator but this does not seem like a healthy thread to leave open in the forums.
[Image: 230.png]

Moved to Off Topic, as this is not really Xonotic related but instead trying to establish something "new".
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Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
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@ZeroQL - I did not expect this from you. Fundraising for a fork of Xonotic on the official Xonotic forums (ding!), in collaboration with a sus cryptocurrency/gambling company and a banned player (double ding!), whilst using the hard work of open source contributors and providing no guarantee of contributing back (oof ding)?

Ding ding ding! We have a...non-winner. Yeah, that'll be a hard pass on that from me.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

From years and years ago that it went on like this, there are many stuff I don't understand why this happened/is happening with the one who made all this fuzz:

  • Telling lies, insulting community, making wild claims with no backing evidence, assuming he's better than everyone else
  • Being banned from the community
  • Doing an effort of making his own community with the same goals without looking what's going on in the development
  • Community has always told him that there is the autobuild version (and git version) and the development GitLab where a branch could be created to contribute
  • Insulting community and assuming he's better than everyone else
  • Being BANNED from the community
  • Community TELLS him that there is the autobuild version (and git version) and the development GitLab
  • The purposes of both communities are the same, there have been code contributions in the xon community that are adding details of some of the Quake 3 features
  • Insulting community and assuming he's better than everyone else AGAIN
  • Community TELLS HIM AGAIN that there is the autobuild version (and git version) and the development GitLab
  • Hiring cryptocurrency/gambling company
  • Insulting community and assuming he's better than everyone else AGAIN

Doing it all for one fork and making a community with the same purposes doesn't really make much sense... 
A branch is better for xon community devs to Merge Request, review the work and finish this contribution. Also, development suggestions could be added into Issues track.
The passion using money made it create a rather strange business by moving people to another site, lacks the official part.

I still don't understand where all this is coming from, I don't know what it is for. A black place or a dark phase for everyone?
Because the lack of morality and ignoring most accurate community tips leads to a very risky situation.
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Looks good, will try it out.

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