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FREE Invashion mapping contest

The reason is... uh... there's an unused exist gametype "Invashion" (and it is official!) and also there are 5 monsters (unused and official too), but there's no maps (expect for unofficial ones), so, i desided to make this contest for mapping...

There's no official maps for Invashion, so, let's create them!!!
  • There are monsters (from 0.8)
  • There is an unused gametype Invashion (from 0.8)
  • There's no official maps for it, expect for unofficial maps
  • People even don't know about it and haven't played it
  • Killing monsters is fun
How to name:
Important one is red
name -> author -> description -> title -> link to dowload(e.g. mediafire) -> some notes -> screenshots -> who helped -> gametypes (if there more than invasion)...

Maps MUST  be or have(or something):
  • look official (it is like the default maps you have, e.g. afterslime)
  • be for both types of players (for casual ones and for professional ones)
  • have at least five monster respawn in a map
  • health(can be replaced by healing trigger on some place) and armor on the whole map
  • ONLY BUILD SO: Final (Xonotic default)
  • monsters must see and attack you, unless it is hunting...
  • at least 4 weapons on a whole map
  • have a level screenshot, a mapinfo(fully edited)
  • ... more and more...
Maps, that can have it, but NOT RECOMMENDED:
  • look simple (there's no official maps that look simple, expect for early version) 
  • one type of all the monsters (one type of a monster will be a little bored, expect for you want a zombie "apocalipcys", then OK)
  • not flat (monsters can't climb by ladders, jump, to solve it you need stairs, plats, jumpads, ...)
  • secrets (a little cheat, but OK)
  • powerups, superweapons (the same OK)
  • elevators, portals, warpzones, etc... (it is ok too)
  • no base (more harder for casual players)
  • there's no place where monsters appear and go to the general map (less realistic and maybe harder, that with it)
  • linear type (-> 1) -> 2) -> 3) ... )
  • own music (it must go very well, but i recommend using official ones)
  • own textures (must look official)
  • effect "WOW!!!" (that very interesting or very nice, i recommend it, because it'll have a chance to be official)
  • teamplay invasion (g_invashion_teams , it will make teamplay gamemode, i don't recommend using it)
  • other gametypes (dm, tdm, ca, lms + inv, but must go well)
  • remake or remix of exist map (unless it is much better and look official)
  • remake or remix of official maps(that you already have them)
  • ... more and more...
Maps, that MUST !!!NOT!!! have:
  • the places that monster can't climb there, expect for it is a player's spawn
  • be too big (there won't enough monsters) or too small(there will be too much monsters)
  • confusing (player will be lost, e.g. maze-like, should be easy to learn even for casual players)
  • one player spawn (at least five)
  • one monster spawn (at least five)
  • turrets (will attack even in warmup, i didn't test)
  • vehicles (monsters won't attack you)
  • no weapons (at least four)
  • space maps, which have the holes where you and monters can fall (monsters will fall and it will be bored a lot)
  • ... more and more...
  • there must be 50-20 maps for it or during a long time...
  • I'd like someone to make an AD for it...
  • this contest should be important
  • contact: Discord: Kotangens#5322 , post an email to me in the forums.
  • Dangerous, but a winner's map will be put  to official maps
  • It is a free contest
  • can be a few winners
  • there will be posted polls, so, there are rules for them
  • everybody can vote a map or maps that likes it
  • there won't be listed who voted
  • if a map will have the most votes, it will be a winner
  • if a map will have many votes, but not enough to be a winner, will be in a next poll with more maps
  • if a map will have the least votes, it will fail the contest and won't be accepted anymore, expect for its remake or remix
  • there's no maps yet

I think that's all... do you like the idea about it?  - I hope yes.
My Kotangєns mod and Sound pack
What is your favorite weapon?/mutator?
My maps:
CTF: Trident_ctf, Revolter, rom.
DM: CheckfriendCircle, Kota-diablo.
Kota-dooM: Kota-dooM , Kota-dooM2, Kota-dooM3.
Race: Map pack

How is the situation regarding mapping for Xonotic in Trenchbroom? I would really not want to touch GTKRadiant ever again Sad

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