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xonotic has me blowing the dust off...

Damn I'm enjoying this game. 

I started on q1 and q2 single player as a semi-causal gamer back in '96 (a friend had introduced me to doom back in '93 but I was too busy to game).  I was decent enough to play through both games on nightmare but no multiplayer (our internet was dial-up and sucked).

When Q3a came out in '99 I bought it the day it dropped after playing the demo. By then we had cable internet, so decent ping.

Fast forward 4 years an I was in an instarail clan playing ctf, team deathmatch and mainly duels... challange promode and such.  It was awesome because the competition was brutal.

In 2004 I just stopped playing the game.  I was so obsessed it was ruining other aspects of my life because it was all I thought about...that competition.

Practicing to beat those players you could never ink out a win against except on a whim if they were having an off day.  I was not sleeping because I'd work all day as an engineer in CAD and then game for 6 to 8 hours every night.  Forget about it on the weekends, I lived in the arena.   I had to stop cold turkey.

Over the years I have dabbled with some fps games but nothing grabbed me. Mostly when I would build a new computer for benchmarking or seeing what the gpu could do. I tried quake live and champions later on and not for me.  I love building pc's and hacking around in linux so I have seen xonotic mentioned.

Now I'm in my early 40's, married with kids and my life is nice and balanced.  I work from home and honestly have some free time to game. I built my daughter a modest linux gamer pc last christmas and got her some steam games (she likes cartoonish fps and roblox).  I don't like any of her games because they are like walking in molasses (that fast-paced twitch never leaves you lol).

So last week I installed and got xonotic up and running on an old modest laptop I have mint set up on.  I saw a mental outlaw video where he was playing it and just had to check it out.

It immediately reminded me of UT but the movement has some q3a feel to it.  I have not dove into why this is I just thought it was pretty damn cool for a foss game. and it fact, any game I had dabbled in over the years since I quit q3a.  The thing that blew me away was that with a little tweaking (all in the game interface, no custom configs or autoexec) it ran great on a 2nd gen i3 with 8gb ram and no dedicated gpu.

Yesterday I went into multiplayer and set up a the mutator for instagib with the just the vortex.  I picked up a g203 and I'm learning the game physics.  I am Just playing against mid-range bots at the moment to dust the cobwebs off my aim and movement. It's coming back pretty fast but I have a long way to go to get even close to where I was.

I do wish I could save it instead of having to set it up every time I launch the game.  Plus lock it to a single map to load over and over until I have it down.  I need to look around and learn how to set this up.  And also see what the popular instagib maps are and get those installed and learned.

sorry for the long blabber...but I'm excited about this game... monkey

Welcome to Xonotic Big Grin
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Welcome and enjoy your stay! Don't hesitate to play online, the community is quite embracing and mature - far less toxic than what I've heard from other arena FPS games. If you want to get in touch with other players, check out the chat channels we hang around in. Surely people will help to set up the game to your liking in no time. Or you can also ask people in-game, usually you'll find someone that is willing to help.
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