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[NEED HELP] Cannot follow "Capturing Your Favorite Xonotic Moments"

Hi there,
I had some trouble setting up the nexuiz demo recorder.
This blogpost caught my attention and I tried to use it. This (fairly old) post by Antibody recommended me to download this.
So I cloned it, read the README, tried to compile. Didn't work. So I went to theĀ forum thread forĀ the nexiuz demo recorder, in order to download it.
However, the filehost doesn't provide the file anymore.

My question is: any idea on how to download the dependencies for this script?

Thank you in advance for helping.
@dtomvan on all the things, even on

Late response. I have very limited time lately so this is more like a bump, to see whether somebody who regularly records can help. Otherwise, I'll come back and see whether I can find the old files.

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