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Map development/prototyping Texture Set

Title: Devel Texture Set
Author: Julius
License: GPL

Download: devel_set_alpha2.pk3

This is my proposition for a prototyping texture set for Xonotic. Feel free to comment anything.

PD: I've included a compiled devel map so you can easily take a quick look at the complete set.





It is my intention to add a few more textures in the set, like grate, crate, jumppad, door, etc. but this will be in a future version.

The idea is to have a complete set in which nothing is missing to create basic geometry for your map. For this I have included
a few decals, liquids, lights, a few metals and a skybox.


Are your screenshots of the final compiled map?

If so, what did you do to get such nice shadows? 

I am newer to q3 mapping and nice shadows elude me:

[Image: z8.png]

Extra:  I have a couple of projects on moddb and my experience there has been g reat.  Their file host of huge files has been helpful.

Map lighting is entirely from my skybox shader. It is included in the set.

For compiling I use my own build menu for NetRadiant but recent versions of this software
have a new build menu that is almost the same as mine (I contributed to it).

NetRadiant (with Xonotic gamepack):

<build name="Final: -bounce 8 -dirty (new Xonotic's default)">
  <command>[q3map2] -bsp -meta -keeplights -maxarea -samplesize 8 -mv 1000000 -mi 6000000 "[MapFile]"</command>
  <command>[q3map2] -vis -saveprt "[MapFile]"</command>
  <command>[q3map2] -light -lightmapsize 1024 -lightmapsearchpower 4 -fastallocate -deluxe -patchshadows -samples 4 -randomsamples -bounce 8 -fastbounce -bouncegrid -nobouncestore -dirty -dirtdepth 64 -dirtscale 0.8 -fill "[MapFile]"</command>

My own preset that is almost identical:

<build name="Jul: -bounce 8 -dirty">
  <command>[q3map2] -bsp -meta -maxarea -samplesize 8 -mv 1000000 -mi 6000000 "[MapFile]"</command>
  <command>[q3map2] -vis -saveprt "[MapFile]"</command>
  <command>[q3map2] -light -lightmapsize 1024 -lightmapsearchpower 4 -fastallocate -deluxe -patchshadows -samples 4 -randomsamples -gridscale 0.4 -gridambientscale 2.5 -bounce 8 -fastbounce -bouncegrid -nobouncestore -dirty -dirtdepth 64 -dirtscale 0.5 -fill "[MapFile]"</command>

Thanks for your command line and method.

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