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No Mapswitch when idle

Hello Folks,

seems to  be a new a new feature at last xonotic autobuild version: noticed that the server dosn.t do his Mapswitch every 20 min when noone play on server.
Is there a command to force the mapswitch?
Otherwise thought server is shutdown or freeze when monitoring. Tongue

GreetZ Su

You could disable `sv_autopause` but that's on by default for good reasons, including
- it pauses right after a map change, so the full match time is available to players when they join
- it saves CPU time
- it prevents floating point error accumulating (in configs where that's relevant)
Map changes aren't a good way to see if a server is working
- there's other settings or gametype rules that could cause the map to not change
- it's a very slow way to notice a problem

thank you  for the advice Smile

GreetZ Su

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