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how do edit a character in blender

Hello dear community!

I just wanted to ask how to edit a character from xonotic in blender, I just want to create a backgroundimage for a website, I would appreciate any help.

Thank you a lot in advance!
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No one has an idea?
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I'm not a Blender user (currently) but isn't there some kind of export/import script? I know at least that the older formats (dpm, zym) could be imported into Blender. Not sure about dpm but at least zym. So you could grab one of the Nexuiz player models and import that.

Of course, if someone on here knows how to use the current file format and importing it, step right up.
Take a look at this link, perhaps it has some info (haven't read through all yet):
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I may be wrong, but there is no need for conversions.
.blend sourcefiles of the new playermodels can be found in the git repo (mediasource/models/player).
Or via http:;hb=HEAD

You may have to manually load the UV textures though. (Select model, UV/Image Editor > Image > Open)

Indeed dear sev, these are the sourcefiles of the player, that's what exactly what I have looked for, thank you very much for investigating help in Soelen. There is still a probalm though. Of course I can open the files and see the models, even edit the poses, but I still miss the UV textures. As you suggested I should open them in the UV/Image Editor but the problem is what should I open? There is no texture at all in this directory. But I suspect that textures are embedded into the blend file? I took a screenshot to highlight my suspection. As you can see on the screenshot, there are thumbnails about the model, but for some reason, I only see those tiny thumbs. So there are 2 possibilities:
-Textures are embedded in
-Textures are just linked and only the thumbsnails are embedded in
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Blender saves references to UV textures in absolute paths, so they usually don't work on other systems.

Go into the edit mode of the model (TAB), then open the textures manually with Image > Open in the UV/Image Editor. They are located in the git repo at /xonotic/data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/textures/. Just use the textures with the same name as the model.

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This is comming a bit late but better late then never, right? Thank you dear sev for you help, it worked like yo explained. Here is my thank you in image / animation form:

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