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Antialiasing... Or the fact that it doesn't seem to work

Well, the title says it all. I have screenshots of this game done on the same machine, same OS (LINUX), same map, same angle and so on. The only difference is that on one of them the MSAA is disabled and on other one it's set to 4x.


Do you see any difference? So do I. The edges of the objects are always jagged and I don't really like it.

I'm not talking about textures, I know that MSAA doesn't work on them. I'm talking about model edges that look horrible. It looks like MSAA doesn't work at all, no matter what settings I use. Can there be a reason for it not to work?

And about antialiasing in general... Is there any other way to filter the image from aliasing? Like, SSAA? (rendering the image in higher resolution and then downscaling it, I was able to do this in Minecraft with OptiFine easily)
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