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[DM] Last man standing REMIX

Long time ago I'd met a track, that I liked a lot: Last man standing by Karl Casey
And I decided to quickly make a concept of the map and items, it seemed perfect
and I started texturing it. I wanted to make it a sputnik, so
the sky box was needed to be, and I made other sputniks for it.
Long story short, it's a remix of the legendary map "Last man standing" by cortez (my favorite map)
Last man standing

Has waypoints for bots (a small issue: they abuse rocket jumps a bit)
Has 10 spawn points
Has three "best" weapons: devastator, vortex, mortar. (+ ammo for it)
No powerups
Licence: GPLv2
Custom track: Last man standing by Karl Casey (yep, that's the track I liked)
DOWNLOAD: Last_man_standing_remix_r1.pk3
[Image: 432db67a9f52c0f0c6f713e1b0eb78df.jpg]
[Image: 59debcbd4372d7281ffb18e281f6b8ed.png][Image: 57ca0f33692b58276d884749b6db30bc.png][Image: 067407f783130c4388dfb0db6b3b46fe.png]
My Kotangєns mod and Sound Pack.
What's your favorite weapon?/mutator?/color?

My first and last maps:
CTF: Trident_ctf, Moon terror;
DM: Checkfriend, Last man standing remix;
Duel: tempullit, X air walker;
Kota-dooM: Kota-dooMKota-dooM3;
Race: Map packs;
Special: Triangle, Highlander.

You can check out my other maps here.

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