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Major Opium update

Hello everyone,

Opium by cityy has been an official Xonotic map since Xonotic 0.8.5.
The version of Opium currently shipped with the game is based on Opium_v4, the last release made by cityy, with a few fixes and tweaks on top of it.

However, cityy dug up an unreleased version of the map on an old hard drive, with additional details and texturing work, as well as some layout changes: a larger Mega Armor platform, a second water route to the Vortex.
The map also has an overall darker theme.

With cityy's kind permission, I've been dusting off the map and fixing various issues in order to make it playable.
The plan is to ship this new version of Opium in Xonotic 0.9, the next game release.

Here's the merge request for those who are interested:

If you wish to host the map on your servers, or simply play it offline, here's a link to the latest preview version (it can coexist with the official Opium version):

Feedback is welcome!

[Image: xApel5i.jpg]

[Image: mYqSIuM.jpg]

Liking the ramp jumps and the underwater tunnel, though i'm not the biggest fan of the darker theme. Overall a solid improvement!


The first post has been updated with a final release, Opium_v6.
This new version of Opium has been merged into the pending-release branch of the Xonotic repositories, which means it will be part of Xonotic 0.9.


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