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[DM/TDM/CA] DistrictX V1


It's a vertical map inprired by Judge Dreads city towers with tiny apartments.
The district is endlessly stacked with warpzones. So the chase never ends. There are many trickjumps, some highlighted with armor.
It has 2 fully functional elevators that take around 4 sec to close, travel and open. (if the doors aren't blocked from closing)
Both elevators got the mega pickups.
There is a strength powerup in the center, every weapon and the seeker if you enable "g_new_toys"

It also has many references to other maps using smaller details of them such as: Tuhma, Solarium, Silent Siege, Implosion, Go, Glowplant, Fuse, Final Rage, Erbium, Catharsis, Afterslime (Of mine: Cube, Modern Loo)
There is a secret, which is disabled in duel and some other easter eggs.
Can you find them?

The map also replaces the jumppad sound with a better/softer one.

Comes with bot waypoints.

License: GPL2/3, CC3/4 BY (pick your flavor)

Download DistrictX V1c
(Fixed bot waypoints)

[Image: tKGYypI.png]

[Image: wo1G0d6.png]

[Image: RWQwc25.png]

[Image: wcmtuhF.png]

[Image: GakBkcL.png]

[Image: uBdEUJf.png]

[Image: iVs0VV5.png]

Beta 3 released:

I meade it a more spacious and improved the flow by rotating the warpzones which stack the level and breaking some walls.
A teleporter has also been added as well as a bunch of detail referencing other maps.
Some functional vending machines also appeared (you have to shoot the buttons with the blaster).

Beta 4: Beta 5:

I removed some clutter, rearranged covers, added new spaces and stairs, new and improved old trickjumps, added pickups to highlight trickjumps and much more!
Beta 5: I added a powerup, made the elevators buttons more obvious, added more pickups, ambient sounds as well as some small fixes

Beta 6:

Even more walkable space, more detail, better optimized, bots now use the warpzones. Also bigger buttons for the elevators.

Beta 7:

Added a bunch of details.

V1 Release

-added and refined detail
-ambient sounds
-more polish 🇵🇱

wow this looks and plays amazing!

bots are mostly lost though

(07-22-2024, 06:00 PM)lister Wrote: wow this looks and plays amazing!

bots are mostly lost though


Oh shit! I forgot I moved the whole map (due to something seemingly non-existent casting shadows at a certain coordinate) but didnt update the waypoints.
Here's the fix: Download DistrictX V1c

Edit: new bot waypoints, disabled minimap panel as theres none (i tried making one but its either fonfusing, ugly, incommplete or any combination)

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