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Full Version: Darkplaces games
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This thread should be used to showcase any new games/mods being made using Darkplaces.

Here's one I discovered today:


Tomes of Mephistopheles:




Force: Leashed:


Just look at the amazing screenies from 'Black Days':

black days has sunglare!

me wants
You forgot Quake.

How did black days get these lighting effects in DarkPlaces?
there no reason why they couldn't make a flare entity and put it where the sun is ....
Been on RetroBlazer and I love it! Such good fun. Smile
Retroblazer looks absolutley amazing.

Blackdays looks absolutley amazing


Retroblazer is amazing.


how can it be so much fun
Thanks for the retroblazer link. I went to bed at 4h last night Wink Did you see that one level is an exact Wolfenstein remake? Fantastic game!
I know, it's pretty awesome isn't it. Smile
One of the best single player FPS I've played in a while! I've found all secrets except for level 3. There are still 5 missing. Makes me crazy Angry
I can't get retroblazer to run on linux, clicking the executable does nothing.

Any suggestions?

I have to run it through wine.
If you have the darkplaces engine running on linux there's an option to download only the data files for retroblazer.
I just can't stop playing RetroBlazer. I've found all the secrets, now I'm working on speed runs. I've created a youtube channel where you can already find 100% walkthroughs of all missions. Enjoy! Smile
Isn't UFO: Alien Invasion also using the darkplaces engine?


Weird idea, using an FPS engine for a round based strategy game... but it's a nice game, rly
UFO:AI uses id Tech 2 (the Quake 2 engine) (I also think it's a great game)
(10-03-2012, 03:39 AM)Cyber Killer Wrote: [ -> ]UFO:AI uses id Tech 2 (the Quake 2 engine) (I also think it's a great game)

Hmm I thought it was darkplaces - see Contributors, listing Lord Havoc... but I'm not entirely sure.
Quote:The game engine is based on a heavily modified version of id Software's Quake 2 engine.
from: http://ufoai.org/wiki/index.php/About

I think this clears up any confusion :-)