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Poly limits? - LukeLC - 11-27-2010

I've checked around the forums, but as of yet I haven't come across anything that helps me out on this one...

I know a lot of Quake engine-based games use some form of poly limit for all the different types of models in the game. As I am a rather experienced modeler I'd like to contribute to Xonotic in to that extent, but what I can/can't do depends on if there is a poly limit in Xonotic's engine, and if so, what that limit is.

If anyone knows or can find out I'd appreciate it. I'm mostly concerned about weapon models, but player models would be good to know about, too.

RE: Poly limits? - master[mind] - 11-27-2010

There isn't a limit to the engine, DP is a serious mod to the original quake engine. There is a limit to polycount for the dev team though, but create your model first, and then usually the other artists will help with reducing the count. It's mostly the performance hit that brings about the lower polycount.

RE: Poly limits? - tZork - 11-28-2010

No hard limits (within reason).
For static (un-animated) meshes you can preddy much go nuts; dp renders them quite fast.
For animated meshes you need to take care to optimize and use normalmaps for as much detail as possible. this is more or less dp achilles heel wrt to render/models atm.
Currently player models are within the 2-4k (tris) range, weapons im not sure but id imagine 1-3 or so.
LOD models are preferable for numerous/animated objects.

RE: Poly limits? - LukeLC - 11-28-2010

Perfect! I've gotten good at saving on the polys without losing visual quality; 1-3k for a weapon should be no problem whatsoever.

The particular weapon I'm working on (the sniper) will be a static mesh, so no worries for animation here.