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Development tutorials - Erusavion - 03-25-2010

I just thought it would be helpful to have a thread where people newer to programming could find some tutorials. If anyone knows some good QuakeC tutorials, post them here. Along with other tutorials you find fitting to development. I've found some good tutorials here:


RE: Development tutorials - master[mind] - 03-25-2010

w00t! Many MANY eternal thanks! I'll be up late tonight...

RE: Development tutorials - Erusavion - 03-25-2010

If you plan on studying the majority of them tonight, then yes, you will be. There are a lot of tutorials on those sites =P And you're welcome =)

RE: Development tutorials - esteel - 03-26-2010

IIRC there was some Nex related qc info on the old ouns wiki..

RE: Development tutorials - DiaboliK - 03-26-2010


RE: Development tutorials - Alien - 03-27-2010


RE: Development tutorials - Spyroviper - 04-03-2010

DiaboliK's and Erusavion's sources are the ones I used to learn, I swear by those links.

RE: Development tutorials - FruitieX - 05-28-2010

I learned by doing, by modifying the HUD code to create what became the Nexuiz 2.5.2 HUD Smile. I hadn't even learned about vectors at this time yet, so it was good practice for my upcoming vector course in maths Smile From there I went on to do all sorts of stuff with server code also, and eventually it all started clearing up more. That without reading any QC tutorials, although I had scraped the surface of the C and Java languages before in school.