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Merry Christmas! - Mirio - 12-22-2010

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Tongue

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXy1iiQgOAM Angel

RE: Merry Christmas! - kuniu the frogg - 12-23-2010

heh very merry video...

Merry Christmas!!

RE: Merry Christmas! - rainerzufalldererste - 12-23-2010

Merry Christmas!!!
lol @ the vid Big Grin

RE: Merry Christmas! - urmel - 12-23-2010

Hey hey stop ffs! Angry Merry Christmas is tomorrow, not today.

RE: Merry Christmas! - nowego4 - 12-23-2010

It all depends on where you're at on the planet, and on what date you celebrate it. For me, Christmas is on Saturday, while it's still Thursday (at my location).

But I'll join in with the holiday spirit and say it too: Merry Christmas! or whatever you do in your part of the planet.

Doesn't look like Santa Claus (Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, etc.,) will be leaving Xonotic in my stocking then, eh?

EDIT: YaHo0! I've never been so glad to be wrong! We got a v0.1! Yes!

RE: Merry Christmas! - chooksta - 12-23-2010

merry x mass Big Grin


RE: Merry Christmas! - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 12-23-2010

[size=insane]HAPPY BIRTHDAY1111[\size]

RE: Merry Christmas! - rado - 12-23-2010

Merry Xmas Big GrinBig Grin

RE: Merry Christmas! - ... - 12-23-2010

xmas merry

RE: Merry Christmas! - lda17h - 12-24-2010

marry my X-mess

RE: Merry Christmas! - Fisume - 12-24-2010

(12-23-2010, 07:30 AM)urmel Wrote: Hey hey stop ffs! Angry Merry Christmas is tomorrow, not today.

[Image: u_still_madlsmu.jpg]

Merry Christmas (Shoutouts to [BOT] and Crazzy) Tongue

RE: Merry Christmas! - Sepelio - 12-24-2010

Merry christmas folks!

I got my present already - shiny 22" monitor to play Xonotic on. Weird coincidence, because 0.1 was released the same day I think!

RE: Merry Christmas! - Spaceman - 12-25-2010

Merry Pagan Festival

RE: Merry Christmas! - master[mind] - 12-25-2010

Merry Christmas, it's legit Christmas today!...at least for me. Already got my best present early(b/c we had to travel).....a Tuba! A very nice one!

RE: Merry Christmas! - FruitieX - 12-25-2010

merry x-mas! Smile

RE: Merry Christmas! - Spaceman - 12-25-2010

Best Xmas ever, I'm exhausted, my parents gave me a http://www.fleshlight.co.uk/info.php?code=vibpt with some extra lube.

RE: Merry Christmas! - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 12-25-2010


i got a game of Jenga and a magnetic metallic "floating" pen. (It doesn't really float; it stands on the tip, actually.)