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shell-station [CA|DOM|TDM|DM|FreezeTag] - atheros - 01-19-2011


This is my first map. I was mainly focusing on ClanArena gameplay (and it's where it was tested), but I also added items and domination control points to support other game modes.

[Image: shell-station_r1b2.jpg]

This map can be played on shirkhan.dyndns.org:26510 (pickup server)

I hope you'll like the map.

- make the mega room more interesting (add some more details there and eyecandy)

- shell-station_r1b3.pk3 (latest)
- shell-station_r1b2.pk3
- shell-station_r1b1.pk3
- shell-station_r1b0.pk3

RE: [CA|DOM|TDM|DM|FreezeTag] shell-station - Mirio - 01-19-2011

I can only tell from that screenshot there, but is it a good idea to put the Mega Armour such close to the Nex?
I saw the CA match and that was not too bad, I don't know where the weapons etc. are yet.
The layout is interesting.

RE: [CA|DOM|TDM|DM|FreezeTag] shell-station - atheros - 01-19-2011

The screenshot is from yesterday's build, I moved the armor next to the entrance you see on the right (not sure if it made into this build)

Anyway, I'll post a new build with few bugfixes later today.