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Netgraph legend - kristus - 07-24-2017

So I've been wondering about the shownetgraph in Darkplaces/Xonotic. And I can't seem to find any ínformation on it. I took a look into the source and couldn't really figure it out either since I am not much of a programmer. What would be really useful to someone like me is a legend that actually explain what the different graphs signify.
So is there any legend around and I have just not been able to find it?
What does the different colors signify?

RE: Netgraph legend - martin-t - 07-24-2017

Most of it is explained in this post. The only thing missing is the blue line but I don't think i ever managed to get someone to tell me what is it so I don't know either.

Joystick control within menu? - T3chnobone - 11-28-2017

Hello everybody, i've just discovered this game through interest of nexuiz and now i'm even more excited about knowing i can run multiple instances of the game. 
I'm just wondering tho, if theres any plans in the future to implement a way to control the menu by using a control pad as this would make a great game to add to my lan parties?

Custom Campaign - Snowmane - 03-02-2018

Is there any way to make a custom SP Campaign?

RE: Custom Campaign - martin-t - 03-02-2018

The campaign is defined here. You can override that file to make your own campaign.

RE: Custom Campaign - Snowmane - 03-02-2018

(03-02-2018, 08:48 AM)martin-t Wrote: The campaign is defined here. You can override that file to make your own campaign.


RE: Custom Campaign - Mirio - 03-02-2018

If you create a seperate file called "campaignNAME.txt" it will show up in the Single Player menu without losing the original.
Put it into your user directory Xonotic folder: ~\xonotic\data\maps (the "maps" folder has to be created)
This way you don't alter the game files also.

RE: Custom Campaign - Snowmane - 03-02-2018

Thanks a lot Smile

youtube stream live? - billyjoe - 04-11-2018

is there any way to live stream to youtube games?
thanks in advance.

RE: youtube stream live? - Szkodnix - 04-19-2018

(04-11-2018, 12:06 PM)billyjoe Wrote: Hello
is there any way to live stream to youtube games?
thanks in advance.
OBS allows you to stream to all popular services including Youtube Games.
Here, give it a try Smile

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Aguaumreal - 06-06-2018

Hi, i often tried xonotic and i always liked it. However i always been too lazy to bind my keys properly because it seemed kinda difficult to me.
I have a long UT and Quake Background and while i really like the different weapons in xonotic i hardly can tell which weapon is most effective depending on the situation.

Is there a way to sort Xonotic weapons similar to Quake Weapons in terms of what's best for each distance? For example.
Shotgun: close distance - LG: mid-clode distance  -Rail: far distance etc. 
I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me whats best depending on the distance. The Weapons Guide is excellent but it lacks an ultimative statement (if that is even possible) like: Enemy is close? SHOTGUN! He's far RAILGUN!
Sorry if this is a stupid question but i think that could really help me creating a config which fits my playstyle.

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Mirio - 06-06-2018

Most players bind the weapons around their movement keys.
There is also a weapon priority list (Settings -> Game -> Weapons), where you can change the order of weapons if you cycle through them with the mousewheel, or if you have the "Auto switch weapons on pickup"-option enabled it will decide if it switches to a better weapon based on your order.

1-Blaster: Movement tool (like Quake rocket jumping), not ideal for combat. Good to push people into void (on distance too).
2-Shotgun: Due to it's big spread, it is best at close range -> shoots 12 shells á 4 damage. The secondary melee deals 70. Good to finish off low opponents (-> screaming model sounds).
3-Machine Gun: 10 damage per bullet, primary has some spread, so close-mid range works fine. For long range you can try secondaray burst fire, which has almost no spread.
4-Mortar: Very good on close to mid ranges. The secondary explodes 0.5 seconds after it touches anything, which is very nice to shoot around corners if you let it bounce of the wall. Both modes deal 55 damage at direct hit!
5-Electro: Only good if you use the combo (secondary+primary), can deal up to 180 (iirc). Better for close range traps. The primary bolt may seem like a Rail, but it travels to slow and does not do enough.
6-Crylink: Close range. The projectiles of the primary will cross each once you release the fire button (so holding fire is better) and if you time that really good it can deal nice damage. Also slows down players (->CTF). Secondary wrecks players movement as well, but you can use it for movement too if you shoot the ground in front of you in some kind of 45° angle. Works on walls or ceilings too.
7-Vortex: The equivalent to Rail. Of course best at long ranges. It has a charge (shown by a ring around the crosshair) and does 80 damage at max. You can always charge it up within a second and switch back to another weapon - the charge won't the gone.
8-Hagar: The primary is pretty much the Plasma Gun from Quake. Secondary can deal 140 damage. You might have noticed that you can't hold secondary forever (they'll release after a while automatically), BUT you can cancel the loading via Mouse1 and charge it up again. Secondary = close range
9-Devastator: The Rocket Launcher, good on any range almost. If you hold Mouse1 and move your move you'll be able to guide the rocket and with the secondary you can detonate the rocket at any time you want. Direct hit = 80 damage. Therefore it is super good on close-mid range, but due to guiding and the remote detonation you can hit on long range quit well too.

Some maps also have the Arc, which is supposed to replace Machine Gun at some point. The gun is like a LG but still in development. Currenty the primary beam has some kind of wobble effect, while the secondary is sort of like Hagar primary currently.

tl;dr: You want to use Mortar, Vortex and Devastator a lot, because they deal a lot of damage and are useful it almost any situation. Some other weapons (e.g. Electro combo or Hagar secondary) can be very stronger, but are less realiable.

You can also try to launch a local match (Multiplayer -> Create) and set bot_nofire 1 (Shift+ESC to open console). This way you can test wepaons on opponents, but they will not shoot you. Wink

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Aguaumreal - 06-06-2018

Hey thank you for elaborating. I really appreciate it!  This will help me quite a lot finding the correct key for each weapon and set it to something similar to quake without messing up my muscle memory. Big Grin

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Smilecythe - 06-06-2018

Here's some ways to utilize weapons in movement, that I think is unique to Xonotic: https://youtu.be/LMgfXNWG73Y?t=2m10s

New player questions - anoob - 06-12-2018

Hello there! I am a fairly new player to this game. Unfortunately,most of the servers are empty; the most amount of people I have seen on a single server is about 10 players. Is this because I am not playing during peak times? Or is this another dead open source shooter like AssaultCube? I'm really hoping it's not the latter.  Sad

RE: New player questions - Mirio - 06-12-2018

Xonotic has about 400-600 unique players per day, but the majority of players is from EU and it is currently 1 AM over here. Although yesterday I still saw about 15 guys on an EU server at that time.
The activity 2-3 hours prior to your post should have been just fine. Smile

This might help: http://xonotic.org/m/uploads/2018/01/2017_hours_heatmap.png

RE: New player questions - anoob - 06-20-2018

Another question... why are some of the map pictures very blurry?

RE: New player questions - Smilecythe - 06-20-2018

(06-20-2018, 08:21 PM)anoob Wrote: Another question... why are some of the map pictures very blurry?

Lower resolution pictures. A lot of them are community made or ported from games like Quake 3 or Nexuiz.

RE: New player questions - Mirio - 06-21-2018

If you downloaded the map it should not be blurry the next time.

RE: New player questions - Aguaumreal - 06-29-2018

I hijack this thread for another noob question. Can someone explain me what the graphs in Race mean? I get that one of them shows my current speed but what's the other one?

RE: New player questions - morosophos - 06-29-2018

(06-29-2018, 03:34 AM)Aguaumreal Wrote: I hijack this thread for another noob question. Can someone explain me what the graphs in Race mean? I get that one of them shows my current speed but what's the other one?

The other one is your acceleration/deceleration, i.e. how much your horizontal speed increases or decreases. It's even more important than the speed. Use it to find out the combinations of mouse movement and keypresses which produce highest acceleration and try to avoid deceleration if possible.

RE: New player questions - Smilecythe - 06-29-2018

I myself only focus on the speed numbers, because if you know what kinds of numbers are theoretically possible you'll know if you're accelerating well or not. Here's a thread I made showing what (used to be) possible with default Xonotic physics: https://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=6263

RE: New player questions - Aguaumreal - 07-01-2018

Hey thank you guys. I was thinking smth like that but i wasn't really sure.

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - Aguaumreal - 07-04-2018

I'm back with another stupid question. So far i really enjoy xonotic and i play a lot recently. However  there is one more thing: Is there a way to edit a weapons crosshair? I dont wanna edit all at once. I like the different crosshairs. The only crosshair which is giving me a hard time is the Instagib crosshair since it is too small in my opinion and too hard to see. Is there a way to only edit that one?

RE: Ask your questions about Xonotic here - _para - 07-04-2018

No question is stupid there are only people knowing stuff you don't know yet while you can't know what you don't know...blabla

So if you go into the options>game>crosshair you can edit about anything about it to your liking.
There are even 2 combinable types ike the outer visually more appealing part and a simple center dot. And most of the time when hovering over stuff there's a handy tooltip explaining that stuff.
If you got more questions just ask or do some experiments.

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